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    This is very cool stuff:


    link to the download – Free Learning Edition Demo :


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    i saw a video of that some while ago, it really is amazing stuff! I think Namco are using it on Teken5 now.

    it’s really bringing animation to a more technical end though – there’ll be a lot less hand animation done in future, if programs like this keep advancing the way they are.

    Still, on the positive side, it’ll make animating physical movement a lot faster & it looks like a lot of fun to use too! :)

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    The way it blends motion capture data with physical simulation is class.

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    I’m so looking forward to the day we’ll have this kind of stuff in realtime…
    There was this really cool article a while back about this guy using neural networks to help animate characters. I believe they used that technology in the Lord of the Rings (the last one, IIRC) for the battle scenes.
    Now that I think of it, that’s the kinda shit I’d love to do my MSc on, eheh.


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    Weta used ‘Massive” for the large battle scenes in Lord of the Rings. It’s an in-house built crowd simulation app. They also used Endorphin in conjunction with it, and as such, Endorphin has built in support for “Massive” files……

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    Yeah, I know about Massive, but I was thinking about something different.
    I am just trying to remember where I read that article about using the Neural Networks.
    Probably was a link on Flipcode, ah well…
    From reading the page, it sounds like what I read, actually. Must be them.
    Apparently, they used their technology in Troy. Might be what’s confusing me :oops:


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    You know there is a free version of Massive if you ask the right people…..

    Apparently Massive worked so well for LOTR, when it came to the first battle scene simulations, 30% odd of the combatants ran away in fear and didn’t fight at all!!! Obviously their bravery parameters were well tweaked for the finals

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    LMAO :P
    Like I explained my tutor: if clever and sensible AI was what we needed in games, the first thing they’d do would be to drop their weapons and run away. Not very interesting gameplay, there, eheh :wink:

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    You know there is a free version of Massive if you ask the right people….. [/quote:05a299e271]


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    I mentioned this Endorphin package before on this forum, with respect to how it matched up against MotionBuilder (5.5).

    I think steve_c from Havok came on and gave a lengthy informative piece, if anyone is interested in this sort of thing.

    It should be searchable, or archived somewhere on these forums…


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    Motionbuilder and Endorphin are quite differant though to the best of my knowledge. You use motionbuilder to rig and animate characters and you use Endorphin to animate and simluate.
    I think they go hand in hand rather than competing against eachother….

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