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    Epic has purchased the Reality Engine outright, including intellectual property rights, trademarks, and copyrights. Epic does not intend to continue sales, development, or support of the Reality Engine, but will review its technologies for inclusion into Unreal Engine 3. Developers who had purchased Reality Engine licenses prior to this sale will be offered upgrades to Unreal Engine 3 at significantly discounted prices, and should contact licensing@epicgames.com for more details.[/quote:7fbdd26f96]

    read more….[/quote:7fbdd26f96]

    sounds lik epic were a bit scared and thought they had a rival, so bought reality engine and take out the competition and dissolve it. take lead programmer and put his skills into unreal engine 3.. bet the team behind it got a nice fat check

    sounds to me a bit like multi national we all know and love..

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    Yep, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, when you see how large companies work :twisted:

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    What the hell?? I never saw this or those delicious screenies!!! :shock:


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    they’ve really screwed over the little guy whos just bought himself\herself a nice shiny copy of reality engine and are currently developing for it..
    Also what good is the unreal 3 engine at a reduced price when you’ve 6 months worth of code in reality, they should be made keep support up for up to 2 years(a short development cycle).

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    Those screennshots are old news…. they’ve been floating about since Monday and before….. so maybe not that old

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    Epic wont support it but reality will as it will continue as an entity


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    Where does it say that Artifical Studios are going to stay as an entity and support a product that they no longer have any commercial say in.

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    Just what I was going to ask. From reading the article I gathered the engine was to be no more….

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    Epic wont support it but reality will as it will continue as an entity


    read more carefully. they pretty much said reality is dead..
    reality will be evaluated and they will merge some of its technology into unreal if its appropriate. which i doubt will happen. it will not be supported though..

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    Oaky, I went to that article, did a search for “support” and didn’t find that line you quoted in it anywhere!!

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    yeah i think he just mis-read it, happens to the best of us.

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    Phooka Entertainment will be using the reality engine for “Recall”.

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    We were told today that AS will still be supporting the engine.

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    The North West Institute are using Reality for their ICE course and have a licence for the Incubation programme.

    Artificial Studios will be providing support for at least 3 years.

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    Thanks for clearing that up for us.

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    All I can say is I am happy with my contract and what Artificial Studios have done.


    If you look at the Eval Kit, the bulk of it was written by the remaining programmers at Artificial Studios; we know what we’re doing and will continue to work to ensure that your Reality Engine products are successful. Bear in mind that like every other provision in the licensing contract, the renewable and multi-title aspects of licenses are valid: you can still use Reality Engine for as many products and platforms as you see fit.[/quote:3126463075]

    I must say I am feeling smug about this, I got a great engine, not to mention I am now working with a much higher profile engine as a result. Heck for the laugh I will see what epic offer me in terms of a discount.

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    I agree and feel very lucky to have been tied in with Artificial Studios.

    Its a major plus for our students and those coming through the course into incubation.

    When the first games that use this engine are published it should make those with licenses quite attractive to investors/publishers.

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    I would hope so, I am looking for an October Release (at least to closed circles). I am hoping this will push the product in new directions, beyond that of what I previously expected.

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    Pity. I heard good things about the Reality engine and it could have been a great boost to many projects yet to come. The competition would have been good too. Ah well, guess you have to accept it, and programmer who sold seems happy anyway so…

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    Any group interested should probably contact Artificial Studios, I believe I read it will be some time before AS stop selling new licences. So I guess if you talk to them and find out first hand then it would be better than just letting the engine slip by.

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