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    Much of what Ernest said came from his impressive archive of gamasutra.com articles. These are backed up on his own website at http://www.designersnotebook.com

    Everyone should read it. It’s one of the few resources for game design on the web that doesn’t involve a lot of code-writing and button-pushing.


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    Yeah it has to be said the whole experience was a worthwhile one. There was an interesting dynamic to his method of game design. To come up with a reasonably nailed down design in such a brief period and all working with people we’d not worked with before was an achievement in itself. The system employed by him is worthy of serious consideration when going through the game design process. I think that different teams will benifit from different approaches so to say this system is the be all and end all would be a bit much. Its certainly a very good groundwork to base the process around however and one which we at Torc will be looking at closely I’m sure!

    Fair play to Aphra, Tony, Ernest et al et al that did their part at all the different levels. Long may the support and good work continue!

    I will rememeber not to drink QUITE as much the next time I am getting up at 9:00 for a conference/workshop and at least try to get to bed at a reasonable hour the night before! There’s alot of very bad people in the Irish Games sector who just won’t let up and go home! It was nice to meet you all (some again)…Chin chin. Great experience all round!


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    hey all,

    I really enjoyed both days – they were great fun and very informative.

    I got myself a copy of the slides from his lecture at the game design workshop, but failed to keep the sets of sheets that were handed out(team leader/game designer/ui/level designer/concept artist) and would like to get my hands on them.

    don’t spose anybody out there has them?

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    Yeah, one of my team members is hoping to get the copy electronically and will be sending it to our group as an attachment via email. I’d be happy to send it to you when I get it myself. I’ll contact you when I do. :)

    As for the workshop, it was a fantastic learning experience and I echo everything said about it in this thread. I for one will remember it for a long time to come.

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    Ernest has fixed the broken link on his site now to the ‘soft copy’ of the presentation he gave at the IGDA Ireland launch. You can find it at:
    http://www.designersnotebook.com/Lectures/lectures.htm >> and browse to “Bad Game Desinger, No Twinkie” or open the PowerPoint directly from here: http://www.designersnotebook.com/BGDN.ppt

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