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    I missed Eurographics in Dublin this week – looks like there were some very interesting presentations there. Specifically I’d be interested in the ones relating to next-gen consoles, and the Havok keynote. Anyone care to relate if there was any “new” info at these presentations?

    Cheers! :)

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    Aphra K

    bit of discussion on this over in the events thread. Hope to post something over the weekend as I was at the IGDA session, the Pixar keynote and Steve Collins keynote yesterday. Otherwise others will have to fill you in on the more technical ones..! Big conference tho and nice to see industry folk there as well as the academics.


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    Cheers Aphra. The Steve Collins keynote sounded really interesting. AGEIA has had some very interesting things to say about physics on the next-gen systems recently, so I’m very interested to see what Havok might be cooking :)

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    Aphra K

    mind you it would be best for someone slightly more technical than I to explain write up Steve’s talk. I could follow what was going on but it is a long time since I did physics..anyone else like to take a shot at summarising the main points?


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    AGEIA has had some very interesting things to say about physics on the next-gen systems recently[/quote:44f65d2211]

    Did you hear that Aegia have acquired Meqon?


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    Haha, now 3D Realms have another excuse to delay Duke Nukem Forever! :lol:

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    Did you hear that Aegia have acquired Meqon? [/quote:b9ccfac64d]

    That was the exclusive announcement at the IGDA party last thursday. They gave out silver envelopes with a puzzle inside, and it was only if you solved the puzzle that you got the news.

    One of the sessions at the conference(GDCE) covered the physX chip, and though I wasn’t at that one myself I was told by a few who attended that the company came off badly. Apparently they were asked a question concerning who was supporting the chip, and tried to bounce it to havok, who were attending. The answer was that havok would not be supporting the chip at this time, and reports vary on how that answer was given.

    By one account Havok said no, and the audience then gave the physX team a hard time with follow up questions; by another Havok tried to save the team some embarrassment but were were pressured by the speaker to answer, and had to say no, and it all got a little awkward.

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    Yeah, I heard about the Meqon acquisition, pretty interesting stuff. I’m also hearing that MS is working on “Direct Physics”, to expose GPUs for running physics code…I think it’d be very interesting to see how that could develop.

    AGEIA’s GDCE presentation was also apparently interesting for the insight it gave into how the various next-gen console architectures will handle physics. I guess I was wondering if Havok gave any similar insight, or if their discussion was more high level.

    Did anyone attend the ATi/NVidia/IBM presentations at Eurographics? In particular, I’m wondering if Nvidia shed any new light on the PS3 GPU, for which there has been little detail to date.

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    “Did you hear that Aegia have acquired Meqon?”

    Thank god for that, I’ve always been getting the two confused.

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