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    Very cool, takes you right back to the RSI-on-the-thumb inducing Atari original, to the RSI-on-the-wrist inducing Revolution controller.


    NOTE: these controllers bear no relation to, and were not designed and build directly by, the Hoff, who may also cause certain RSI related injuries to certain gd.ie members… Pete? :)

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    They miss out SOOOOOO much!! and no mention of the other controllers that went before the revolution that resemble it in some way, i.e. that katana controller from last year

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    Many observers thought that the Hoff invented a wireless controller of sorts in a digital wristwatch he frequently used to seemingly communicate with his car. This is in fact a half truth, I can reveal now that the patents have expired. It seems that when Hoff was apparently calling for backup on his timepiece he was actually tickling his arm hair with his tongue, the signal then travelled up his arm and was amplified massively by his thatch chest and birds nest barnet hairdo to be sent as a sort of morse code, invisibly through the air which his car could indeed hear.

    He is widely reputed to have coined the phrase “Repetitive Strain Injury”, uttered after the final series of Knight Rider, and brought on by frequent wrist swing action having to call Kitt for backup at least 6 times an episode.

    I suspect Mal is familiar with another form of frequent wrist swing action…..

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    …I’m talking about pint swilling of course :wink:

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    The Hoff, is there anything he can’t do?

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    If there is, its not worth doing

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