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    F.E.A.R demo is out Friday, I am looking forward to this one:


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    I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a game so much. Please dont let it be a turd…

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    Must agree, I am suffering from withdrawl….. I havnt purchased an excellent game since RESI4.

    The PC really seems to be suffering recently, with dare I say it, some very poor titles recently…. Last game I truly enjoyed on PC was FarCry

    (HL2 is now finally getting its fare share of play, since I actually managed to have everything at 100% off steam, and I dont think I will risk going online from that PC incase it drops back down to 97%)

    But god lets hope FEAR turns out good, whens it out officially?

    Anything else good heading towards the PC any time soon? Still no sign of Stalker…. Where did the Movies go, and B&W2 must be making some good progress since its on alot of mags and websites…

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    Call of Duty 2 is due soon enough. Then we have Quake IV. Can’t remember they’re ETAs though… Battlefield 2 was pretty good, though I would have liked a better attempt at a single player game. Why can’t people implement bots like Epic?

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    Well thats what reallly really ruined it for me with BF2, the fact that for single player there was no co-op feature like in previous bf games. It was instant battle set by default to something like 16 players. I had to bump that up to 64 players just to make that interesting. But even at that I couldnt offset it, and put 50 on one team and 14 on the other. Also they limited the maps so you can only play a handful.

    For me a 56k player, single player is the only way to go. COD2 looks good and will be great no doubt, but I would say its still a good 2 months at least away.

    Brothers in Arms was just boring, Chaos Theory just didnt interest me, Republic Commando was simply fantastic, just a pitty it was so damn short. BF2 was a really poor attempt at milking a series for as little effort as possible. I mean how hard would it have been to take 1 or 2 more months to add in all the extra value that BF1942 had, I doubt very little, but I hope it comes in a patch.

    And thats another thing that annoys me, patches, it seems like every games company simply throws out a semi stable product, and patches the crap out of it, until they have another product to throw out there. I mean the patches for BF1942 were nearly 300+ megs. I can only imagine what the BF2 patches will be like in 3 months time.

    Anyway enough ranting. Cant wait for FEAR, looks great, and looks like a really really strong single player. Lets hope its not buggy, or missing a load of features.

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    I was looking forward to pariah, i will never hope again.

    FEAR is due out september 2nd, so one month left

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    Pariah was really bad, I mean even the most moderate of shooter can hold my interest, but I practically had to force myself to play it. yet another bad investment in both time and money.

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    I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a game so much. Please dont let it be a turd…[/quote:f7afc29a23]

    Blatant self promotion alert: check out those physics :-)


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    Blatant self promotion alert: check out those physics :-)



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    6:00pm tonite, get ready!!!!!!

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    whoa, will be downloading that 8)

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    Gah!!! 6.10pm now and every website that has it for download, are not overcrowded, i cant even get onto their homepages!!

    Grrr, i want….

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    Its working on gamespot but its soooooooo slow. 11Kb/sec… makes me wonder why I pay for a 2 meg connection.

    Its not even on VU’s own download page :cry:

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    I know I was sitting lookng at vivendi like a dumbass, try the registered 3dgamers servers, they are free, running at about 60KBps

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    Stupid Gamespot, when i click on the FEAR d/l link, my WHOLE computer freezes up and everything crashes.. This computer is a week old and its top of the range and i have to put up with this smuck!! Feck off.

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    OK its downloading from Gamespot now, but at 4kb!! Im on a 2mb connection, id be quicker waiting for the full game to be released at this rate..

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    Hehe, im getting 145kb d/l rate from this bad boy :)

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    I waited 3 hrs to get on to use fileplanet, connection was going great(200 kb/s) now its suddenly dropped to 60kb/s suppose better then gamespot. Only 2 hours to wait until gaming nirvana….it better not be turdish. :evil:

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    Ill have mine in 1hr 23min :D Yeah, if its turdish ill jump out my roof.

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    I killed the gamespy connection it dropped again, this time to 20kb/s am going with Yahoo now. Should have it within 2hrs. In all fairness what hope has it of living up to this anticipation?

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    This is a major anticipation killer indeed. Although things are going smoothly now, fingers crossed.. Only 1hr left. It better make my jaw drop at least once for it to warrant this mess and headaches.. However, i will post up impressions as soon as i go through it.

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    Cheers bud, if it all looks horrible I’ll cancel the download. Chances are I’ll still be sitting here when you’re done. :lol:

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    Two words:

    Fucking Ace!!!!

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    Dudes, this is the scariness that doom should’ve been!!!! :D

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    YES its done!!! Il write back when im done, hehe so exited.. :D Half-way installed.

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    Wait till you get to the end of the demo, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!

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    OMFG.. Worth the wait? I think bloody so! IK your in for a treat.

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    Good, isn’t it?

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    I just had the living shit scared out of me.. And it takes ALOT to do that to me.. I actually put my hands on my face and sort of yelped..

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    OK, im just finished. What can i say..

    Phenomenal use off sound and shadows. Scare tactics are a plenty, graphics are top-notch, lovely use of normal maps. A.I seems to be pretty damn decent for once, i was on the second of four settings and i died ALOT. Very smart. Fast frantic gun play, breathaking use of special effects, great slow-mo mode, (wait til you slow down and blow up a fuel barrel, u can see their limbs detaching from their torso’s) and my god, the end.. Wow. I cannot remember the last time if jumped out of my seat or even been afraid to go around the next corner.. E.T when i first saw it, provoked similar reactions (let the slaggins commence!)

    All in all, hands down to Monolith. Looks like they may have a classic on their hands, roll on September 2nd..

    Exceeded all my expectations. Amazing stuff.

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    I loved it when you just run straight for a clone and shotgun his ass, and he just disappears in a red mist, tis cracker, and the scariness is ultimate!

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    Aye very good. The AI crawling under stuff doesnt always work, but other then that the AI seems pretty good. Very scary, and no cheap scares which is a pretty good accomplishment. Roll on the full version

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    Hehe, im getting 145kb d/l rate from this bad boy :)[/quote:53c4c35e23]
    Mmm…310k/s off this one…cheers for the link.


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    You’ve a 4 meg line??? :mrgreen:

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    This is really ace, more of a very large file size teaser than a demo :)
    Graphics were up there with Doom 3 and Max Payne 2, not to bad , but not as full as either….until…. the action started, the special effects , that electro beamy thingy, fantastic, I have played it so many times now. Especially to see those soldiers run away and shoot wildly behind them, or the best moments where they jump out through the windows.
    The sparks….wow.
    Hopefully there will be more cool stuff in the finished product, but from the demo, sold, one copy, to me !!!
    Oh yea, and that dude you see when you some off the ladder, scared the livin b’jesus out of me.

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    Get past the intro, but then it wont load the first ‘real’ level for me… :(

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    Get past the intro, but then it wont load the first ‘real’ level for me… :([/quote:34109821ab]

    Whats the specs of your machine. Odd that’ll play the intro but not the game. I get some weird pauses before entering some areas, its not down to the graphics card(7800 GTX) as the framerate is fairly high.

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    anyone else have issues getting it running?
    i can’t even start the thing…
    honestly, i have a 3.2gig machine, 1gig ram, and a 6800gt, you’d think that’d be enough.
    i click on the configure, then click on launch.
    i hear the hard disk whir for a sec, then nothing…NOTHING!
    especially annoyed after that large download.

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    Just did a search on problems with the demo.. My fav so far

    It has been reported that the game may not uninstall from partitioned
    hard drives if installed to anything other than the “C” drive

    Heres a tweak guide for the demo

    And the IGN faq

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    Just wondrin’ but is everyone with probs running pentiums with HT enabled?

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    The only problem I am having with it is it jerks a lot whilst playing the game when its loading. Apart from the that its very smooth indeed. The jerkiness does get annoying especialy if in the middle of a fight.

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    Ah just home from hols and I was greeted by the last few parts from my computer when I got back. I got my hands on the XFX 7800GTX eventually, can’t wait to get this puppy built! :D

    Oh and theres a few great looking games on their way. Actually looking forward to Starship Troopers myself, hope they can pull off those large scale battles with all the bugs. Theres also Fable: The Lost Chapters on its way aswell.

    STALKER wont be out this year unfortuntaly, I hope this doesnt turn into another DN4E thing… :?

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    Just wondrin’ but is everyone with probs running pentiums with HT enabled?[/quote:46da29366d]

    Na, running on a laptop and I have HT on, no problems at all.

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    Yey, i got a nice new ASUS 7800GTX :) F.E.A.R runs so smooothly :p cant wait for a game called Fahrenheit, made by the guys who developed Nomad Soul on dreamcast. Loved that game, totally immersive. Cant wait for it.

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    Yeah the demo was strangely appealing, I dont normally like games like that but the short period the demo gives was quite fun. That and I managed to clean up the body,myself, sit down, finish my meal, pay the bill and leave before the cop checekd the restroom… :lol:

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    youre still talking bout the demo right? :)

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    lol. Good question :twisted:

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    F.E.A.R. actually made the front cover of GAME-TM this month, (September) and they really do a good review of it. They stress the point that the developers involved Psychologist/Phychiatrists in the actual design of the game!

    GAME-TM penned F.E.A.R. as being fantastic, but that players must be willing to sit down and spend hours DEVOTED to the game, to truly get immersed.

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    Have any of you guys with 7800GTXs enabled Soft Shadows yet? :lol:

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    Guess who’s testing FEAR at this very moment?

    Anyway, I obviously can’t talk about it too much, it’s one of our “top secret project”.
    I haven’t completed the game yet because I’ve been assigned to it only today.

    GAME-TM penned F.E.A.R. as being fantastic, but that players must be willing to sit down and spend hours DEVOTED to the game, to truly get immersed.[/quote:e9a7cd02ca]
    Let me reply that I sat down for 15 mins before getting my first true fright. Not a jumping out of your seat fright but the kind of inner electric twitch that shakes your spine.
    30 mins from the start of the game, I was starting to look over my shoulder hoping no one would be laughing at the possible tense faces I would be pulling.
    Hours of devotion to get immersed? I beg to differ.

    For those who think you can camp the AI out.. I say check your 6 cause they will find a way around to get to you with ease.

    My only qualm must be the levels. You know these beautiful rusted and imperfect walls or the detailed and rich environments in HL2? Well I haven’t seen any here..

    .. Maybe I’m saying too much already…

    All in all, Max payne meets Doom3… yeah, get a slice of that Slow mo!

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