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      Just had time this week to sit down and use my pre-ordered Nintendo DS.( I’ve had it for over a fortnight but was working 16 hour days, y’see).

      It’s incredible.

      The touch screen is genius. Totally useless for the likes of Mario 64 of course* but for Wario Ware Touched, Zookeeper, et al it is incredible. So much so that when I sat down with Pikmin on the GC last night I couldn’t play for vey long as I felt totally divorced from the proceedings.

      The touch screen is so good that people are just not going to get it at all and plump for familiar experiences courtesy of the PSP or DS games that ape PSone (gngh) or N64 ones.

      Ah well…

      edit Actually, wait, check this out: http://electroplankton.com/elp.swf

      Hopefully people will see that the DS is not just another handheld and is not really a PSP competitor, but something genuinely new and different.

      *But perfect for the Mini-games.

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      I have to totally agree. Ive had my DS for about 5 weeks now and when i first got it, i wasnt FULLY convinced. That is until last week.

      This machine is AMAZING.

      I got to try out the wireless multiplayer with a guy in my college and OMG. You just wont believe how much fun it is. We played multiplayer Mario (using only one cart and the DS’ built in download feature, which is just astounding) and we had such a blast. It is seriously addictive stuff and everyone was wanting a go.

      The goal the of multiplayer mario is to grab as many stars as you can in 30seconds. They appear on the map one-by-one and when your opponent collects one, you can beat him up, or better yet- swallow him with yoshi spit him out so that he drops the star. Its just so much fun and the first time we played, we were in complete awe as we only used one cart and it took only about 20 seconds to download the software from the other DS.

      I also got my hands on the Metroid Prime demo last week. I got a Japanese console andit didnt ship with the demo. I was completely blown away. The controls are so intuitive (thumb-strap control) and it feels like your using a mouse after you get used to it.
      Even though the demo is small enough, ive played it nearly more than Mario :)
      Its incredibly addictive, only because its new, fresh, its a 3d metroid in the plam of your hand and the controls feels so right. However, Id love to test out multiplayer. Unfortunatly, it doesnt use the download feature. The console should see some truly great FPS and it seems like they just belong on the console.

      Feel the Magic(Project Rub) is good in stints, albeit a little too short. There are some very decent mini-games while others feel a little lacklustre. Im getting myself Wario Ware and Polarium on launch day and maybe Ridge Racer if it shows its face.

      The DS truly is a remarkable piece of hardware and after playing it for some weeks, ive completely fallen in love with it and can see how much potential it possess. I was in Game yesterday and there was a generous gathering of *scangers*(you know the like who buy Fifa and Need for Speed religiously) all gawking at the DS boxes and games and mumbling about how cool it looks and how there getting one when its released. It put a smile on my face as it made me feel like Nintendo are onto a winner here and that there huge marketing campaign is working a charm. Time will tell…

      My final words, are to anyone who has pre-ordered the console or is planning on getting one on friday, be exited, be very exited. I dont know what else to say about it other than it is incredible. And to anyone who is skeptical, dont be. Just pick one up if you can and you just wont regret it.

      These are exiting times for gaming and i cant wait to see were the future takes the DS. Im off to try collect more stars, so take care ya’ll :)


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      I’m still not convinced, the European launch line up is pretty poor, as usual, and I’ve played Mario 64 to death already on my N64(the only game I would really consider buying at launch)…But you all seem pretty enthuased so maybe I’ll save up and give it a bash.

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      I can see why you arent convinced as il be the first to admit that the launch line-up is pretty lame, but only after having tried out multiplayer etc, i can see its true colours/potential but whether or not Ninty can capatilize on this potential remains to be seen. Its taken a few weeks to grow on me and it continues to grow.

      I would say though that if you are 50/50 about picking one up on friday, i think that you could probably wait for a while, especially since their are no plans to release any games before E3. However, if you have the money, you should definitely cough up. For the multiplayer alone, its worth it and i dont generally play multiplayer games so thats saying something i guess.

      Actually, i heard off a friend that works in Game, that apparently the batch of DS’ they get in on friday will the first and last they get for a few months. There seems to be a huge shortage of DS in europe and from figures ive read, there is only an average of 20 DS per store.


      So if you havent already pre-booked one, chances are you may not see one for a while :(

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