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    Anyone else try out the Fahrenheit Demo. I liked it and for the life of me I can’t really decide why. The presentation was well done, and from what is shown of the storyline it seems quite interesting but I normally dont like this sort of thing. For anyone who doesnt know Fahrenheit falls between a game and a movie. The player can walk about the scene and interact with objects, and every action has a result on the conclusion(or at least thats what they tell us, but we’ve heard that before). It’ll be interesting to see if it can hold people’s attention for the full game.

    Download from Gamespot (requires reg)

    Just so no one panics….

    Indigo Prophecy == Fahrenheit

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    Yes, its good to see someone still has the balls to make something that is not an FPS, the demo is pretty good, some of the mouse wiggling annoyed me though, still, must try a few other things with it, like the start where the director harps on about the setting, bit surreal.

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