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    I thought that this would make for some interesting discussions largely because of it obvious innovations and that it seems to be taking the adventure genre in a bold new direction. I personally have been watching this very closely, im a big fan of Quantic Dreams. What are people’s opinions in this true dark horse?

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    Looks really interesting actually. I was a big fan of The Nomad Soul so I’ll probably get this too. Funnily enough the conclusion Eurogamer drew at the end of the review was also levelled at The Nomad Soul…how odd! :D

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    I enjoyed the demo, I’m hoping the full version offer more the same. The story seems to be really strong, and the visual styling seems to really compliment it.

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    Yeah the reason i began following this title was because it was from the same people who brought us Nomad Soul. That game still remains pretty special to me. Good auld David Bowie score also added to it :D This game also reminds me for some reason, of Bladerunner from Westwood Studios. A lost gem, one of my favourite games of all time.

    I think there is a common link between these too games. Its the whole package really, artistic direction, sound, gameplay mechanics, superb voice acting and cinematics. Hopefully Quantic Dream brings about a rebirth of the adventure genre.

    Although Eurogamer had some concern about the fidely controls and interface, i believe that the game would be better suited to PC. Just my humble opinion as its my format of choice. I fought the controls quite intuitive and im glad to see developers flexing their imaginations and thinking outside the box.

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    I’ll second the Blade Runner vote. I played that about 3 years ago (a lifetime after it came out) and it really stood out. The mechanics were still fun (e.g. zoom into pictures) and your parallel story as a second blade runner let you really run around the movie world.

    Sometimes as a gamer, you are prepared to jump into a good story regardless of the game mechanics underneath. All you need is some semblance of interactivity (even with obvious constraints) to let the overall package shine. It’s a different way of experiencing a narrative outside of films and books. I’m hoping that Fahrenheit is up to that task.

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    Cool, must seek it out.

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