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      Aphra K

      Hi all,

      I have just received a copy of the report ‘Skills Requirements of the Digital Content Industry in Ireland’ by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit in FAS.

      Not sure how widely available the report is but one section is on the games industry (16 pages) – background on industry globally and in Ireland, occupations and skill profiles, skill gaps and future skill demands, education and training provision.

      With the launch of a number of college courses the report notes that demand is probably being met in terms of programming and design skills although there is a call for more business and project management skills

      the main gaps identified therefore are in terms of professional training and ongoing professional development – e.g. new apps like MAYA..

      It recommends that bodies like Screen Training Ireland and the Digital Hub should play a role in professional training for the sector to supplement the new courses being developed in unis and ITs..


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      Aphra, is it online anywhere?

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      Aphra K

      now we are talking a policy document!

      No I don’t think so…

      it is available from the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit, Planning and Research Dept., FAS, 25 Clyde Road, Dublin 4.

      tel: 00.353.1.6077401..


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