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    set 3 years before gta3, you play Tony Cipriani from gta3 (dude whos ma used to give him wicked grief).

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    Nice one peter_b!

    “The game is being viewed as a fully fledged GTA title, with the city and vehicles slightly altered to look earlier than in GTA3, and provide new challenges with altered layouts to the familiar streets.”

    Hmmm… sounds good!

    “As for Wi-Fi-based multiplayer, we’re still waiting for official info on that too. Undoubtedly it would be one of the ‘most wanted’ wish list features of any PSP GTA title, but the series hasn’t ever had a strong first-party multiplayer component and with that October release date now looming, we might well have to do without.”

    Again? Pity about that! But then again the GTA series has always struggled with the multiplayer side of things. Considering the game is custom built for the PSP I’m a little surprised they didn’t better exploit the devices capabilities.

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    Custom building it most likely took up most of their resources. They might have been able to get multiplayer in if they’d already had significant experience with multiplayer on the larger consoles first. As it is, porting an engine was probably more than enough hassle (big team or no).

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