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      I’m still in the very early stages of prototyping the control system, and I’m also trying to find the time to setup a proper blog / youtube page (was away for 5 days…and wish I was still on holidays!).

      I’ve been very impressed with just how easy it is to get things up and running in XNA!

      I’ve been testing out using the Left and Right Triggers for throwing punches. I plan to use a "strength factor" based on how hard each trigger is pulled allowing players to throw light quick jabs or big heavy punches.

      And the Left and Right Bumpers pulled together pull the gloves in for defense.

      I haven’t hooked up the thumbsticks for moving because I want to try to get that boxing style of short side steps or quick lunges so I’m using the D-Pad for the time being.

      The link below is a video of my prototyping progress (nothing fancy whatsoever!).

      Apologies for not having the video up on youtube or somewhere of equal viewing ease.

      Punching and blocking basics

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      Maybe I should’ve edited my original post…

      Anyhow, I spent the weekend going through more XNA tutorials – I found it quite frustrating in some cases because certain 4.0 tutorials relating to StorageDevices etc have errors in them.

      I still haven’t gotten to the Game logic yet, this weekend was grunt work, if anyone wants to read about it / view the video:


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      Just wanted to give a quick update.

      I’m still prototyping things, but I’ve almost got all the original game play working in the new version. I’ve added a new feature that lets players earn bonuses / powerups by landing consecutive punches on their opponents.

      I’m kinda hitting a point now where I’ve lost some of the motivation and running into really finicky issues like where best to draw things on screen, int to float and back again cast issues but I’m battling through.

      Unfortunately I just can’t get a good video of the current state of play but I’ll upload one as soon as I can.

      If anyone wants to read any more, please check the link to my blog in my signature.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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