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    I’m a newbie embarking on a project to create a multiplayer online game. Interaction between players is to be fairly simple. e.g. Action taken by player 1 will affect environment of other players, and determine subsequent options available to them.

    I guess the kind of interactivity I’m looking for is analogous to online Poker games – pokerroom.com

    Any opionions on what technologies I should use? Anyone know of any good resources (books, online) for Flash/Director online networked gaming?

    Hope I’m not too confused :)

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    java and applets is an easy way to build games.
    javas got a whole networking api which is very easy to get running.
    lots of books and stuff also. http://www.java.sun.com is your best starting place

    flash is pretty cool too, but art work will be your main task i reckon.

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    There was I book I got off idora when I was working with flash and used it when building a multiplayer battleships game, something about flash games, maybe tony remembers, anyways it was quite handy.

    Actually just googled it, it is ‘Macromedia Flash MX Game Design Demystified’ by Jobe Makar

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    Thanks for the replies!!

    Will have a look at all …

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    Ive been using flash for websites, games, and apps for about 4 years. Theres 3 websites i always go back to when i have a problem


    They all have tutorials on nearly everything and your best bet is to search the forums when you have a specific problem. You’re nearly always guaranteed that some1 else had the same problem before you. :wink:

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