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    I need some help with designin an add-on for Microsofts Flight Simualtor.
    Baiscally i need to get into the settings or file that controls the Multiplayer Window.

    Can someone help me with this please.

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    Hi VSG,
    check out http://www.IFSD.ie. they’re a great bunch of folks totally dedicated to FS


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    > check out http://www.IFSD.ie

    Cool! I hadn’t heard of this site? Is anyone on this list registered with them, and if so, are they aware of the existence of gamedevelopers.ie?

    Are there any other similar game related Irish groups out there who might be interested in hearing about gamedevelopers.ie? If so, make sure you post a notice to their forum to let them know! :)

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    Iam a member of them, i’ll mention about gamedevelopers.ie

    http://www.virtualsimgroup.com is an irish game dev group

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