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    In case you don’t know(shame on you!) Flipcode was a great site for articles and news on game development. Some of their articles, along with the Flipcode forum community helped me get through my final year project. I was quite annoyed I didnt notice this yesterday. The site had been quiet for some time but I had hoped they’d come back. However it was not meant to be an they’ve closed their doors.

    They’re keeping open an archive of the forum and some of their articles if you’ve never visited(shame on you again!) go take a look. http://www.flipcode.com/


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    ‘They’ are actually just one guy afaik. It is a shame, despite the lack of updates the forums were still quite vibrant.

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    ‘They’ are actually just one guy afaik. [/quote:844b5dd1bf]

    Now we’re just being picky. I think there was more then one editor helping out on the site, I might be wrong though. Doesn’t really matter flipcode was a good place to go if you ever had any problems, it’ll be missed. Sad to see any good web site stop operating

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    It’s definitely a shame… the Image Of The Day ( even though some of them were up for weeks ) was a great way of checking out some cool ( mainly indie ) 3D / game related developments.


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    Now we’re just being picky. [/quote:c48276ecc6]

    Not really, just theorising as to why the site slowed to a halt :). Kurt also runs Gradient Studios http://www.gradientstudios.com which must be a priority, incidentally ‘Strayfire’ is a great game..

    [edit] Actually, that site hasn’t been updated in a while either..

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    lol. Never played it, just downloaded the shareware now. Thanks for the info.

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    yeah, I loved the links they posted in the News, always very interesting stuff.
    I was wondering why the site looked a bit dead lately.

    Requiescat in pace Flipcode. +-(

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    A similar site ( with Image Of The Day style areas ) is the Indie Developer section on the Torque site.


    While it’s “slightly” biased towards torque, Garage Games do a pretty good job of supporting the idea of an independant development community.


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