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    Jamie Mc

    Hi there Aphra,

    Any chance you can see if the forum will split threads into pages? ie a new page is created for every 10-15 replies? It’s starting to take ages to load the larger ones with 50-60 replies and just wrecking my head :)


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    Hi Jamie,

    Click the User Options link above,

    then Edit Options,

    then select an option from Default Posts per Thread.

    Hopefully that helps!

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    Hey Mal,
    will you be able to make the November Shindig??

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    Hopefully, I had a good track record for the first few, but unfortunately being up north now, it’s a bit more trouble getting down there.

    Maybe a Belfast based night out ( that doesn’t co-incide with the Dublin knees-up would be a good idea, who would be up for that? If there were enough takers, I’ll arrange something ).


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    Funny enough, one of the lads in here in Torc was on about having one in Derry sometime….

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    How about a geographical compromise….

    Dundalk is a good location :D

    Then everyone gets to travel more or less equal distances (except us!!!)


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    Maybe a Belfast based night out ( that doesn’t co-incide with the Dublin knees-up would be a good idea, who would be up for that? If there were enough takers, I’ll arrange something ).[/quote:076f4a0cf5]
    I would love a shindig in Belfast. I would be sure to make my shindig debut if Aphra and the others headed up north. I think that it would be great to meet all of you.

    I suggest that we seriously start to think about having a shindig in Belfast. With such a busy time frame I find it nigh on impossible to head down south for the day.

    As Mal asked before, who else would be willing to make the journey?

    Mal – Have you put any more thought into this? Any idea where we could host such an event?

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    There was a bit of a get together years ago, for a game related mailing list I organised ages ago. We just met up in Renshaws over the space of an hour, and figured out where to go from there ( it generally ended up that we stayed in the bar for the duration ).

    There were two get togethers organised, at the last one about 10 people turn up. With the high visibility of this list, I’m sure that we’d get at least that number turning up.

    What about this for a first suggestion…

    December 5th ( Friday ), Renshaws Hotel, downstairs.

    Or would a Thursday or a Saturday suit better?


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    That date should be fine for me Mal. It’s by birthday weekend so it all depends what my friends have planned but Friday should be free.

    I’ll reply later tonight to give more concrete details but right now I really have to back back to my college work.

    Talk to you soon.

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    I reckon one or two of us from Torc might be able to get the train form Mu.. I mean Derry and join you for the evening. I’ll get on to Aaron and see will he come up for that weekend

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    Feck, don’t invite Aaron, that man can drink bar stools under the table :)

    Only kidding, it would be a pleasure to get a load of ones up for the party in belshaft, if anyone is stuck for somewhere to stay, I’m sure a floor or three could be arranged, just send me an e-mail in advance and I’ll sort it out 4 ya ( just bring de-oderant and a spare of socks :P ).

    Viva la nordies!

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    Aphra K

    looks like the Belfast arm is gathering momentum..have you guys settled on Renshaws? I can add it to the calendar if you have, just send me a few more directions as to where the pub is..& a rough time..


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    At the moment, Renshaws on Friday the 5th is the plan ( at around 6ish pm, to around 6ish am the following morning :) )

    If anyone wants to suggest any other locations, feel free. Somewhere like the Bot is a bit more happening, but also a bit noisier etc. I’m sure a few of us will end up in there at some stage later on!

    I couldn’t get a map to it, but if you’ve been a student in Belfast, you know where it is ( University Street, at the top of Botanic Avenue ). If you are traveling up or down to Belfast, jump in a taxi and ask, it’ll only be a few quid.

    If you want to stay over in style, Renshaws also has rooms etc. http://www.renshaws.com/

    If you are OK with slumming it, let me know and a floor or sofa can be arranged.


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    Sorry about showing a lack of interest in this here. I actually forgot about it a while back. Are things still on for tonight? I may have a problem getting down there because of something but I’ll sure try my best. Won’t be able to stay for too long though if I do make it. :(

    Just wanted to see if you have yet to finalise arrangements yet Mal. So, what are the plans and how the heck will I be able to tell who you all are? ;)

    Hope that you reply soon before it’s too late. I really should of remembered earlier. I’ll try to get well and make it down there. It’s just not fair to be sick on my birthday week.

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