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    Those of you at E3 will have seen our new net-gen FPS, HAZE announced:

    Those who haven’t may be interested in this:


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    Indeed, the trailer looked very interesting alrite, one assumes it was all pre-rendered though? :?

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    Very Starship Troopery(am I allowed make up my own words?)

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    on this forum, you are just speaking english when you say something like that. so you can chillax

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    Yes Gizmo, it’s a pre-rendered ‘theatrical’ trailer which nicely hints at the narrative and atmosphere we are aiming for.

    Obviously it’s all top secret, and Ubisoft ensure a drip-fed media information pipeline, but we and they are genuinely excited at what looks like it’s developing into a really dramatic interactive story.

    But now I’m sounding like the Marketing Dept!

    Expect more announcements soon. Keep an eye on our own website (http://www.frd.co.uk/haze/media.php) for more screenshots, if you’re interested.


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    Cool, well to be honest it was the narrative that was hinted at that I liked the most…I likes the storylines I do’s. :D

    Definitly looking forward to hearing more about it anyway!

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    Reminds me of star ship troopers (the movie, the 1st one, and not the crap sequel and the rubbish game).

    Which is a very good indeed.

    cant wait to hear more.

    Also are the screen shots pre-rendered, something about them makes me think they’re pre-rendered and the hud is just overlayed.. sorry if i seem paranoid, the amount of studios at that these days is unreal. if not looks like the game is shaping up really nice. cool.

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    Peter B, I can stake my reputation as a day one member of GameDevelopers.ie (an oath not likely taken) that the screens you see on our website are fully in-game (including HUD – my contribution) and not photoshopped in any way.

    We have lots more environment work to do, but our jungle is looking amazing in-game, and the effects / animations / graphics are truly next-gen.

    God, I really should be in PR.

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    Free Radical updated their website.

    Finally :)

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    Yeah, we’ve finally taken on a guy to do it. The site got 30,000 hits on the day we announced HAZE!

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    I look forward to the game, I like FR past titles (and Nintendo support).

    This one seems to be stylistically quite different than the other past FR titles. I have no doubt it will still maintains the trademark charm!

    Ubisoft seem to be a good publisher (thats me looking from the outside…)

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    Yeah, we seem to have a really good relationship with Ubi, and they seem to be on the ball.

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    love the tone of the trailer :D
    Nicely animated, too. I like the “do you want to be invicible” bit, or the guy losing it and kicking the camera at the end. Nice touch :)

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