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    I start work on the 7th November, just in time for the free weekend trip to amsterdam on the 25th.

    sorry, I had to gloat to annoy Damo.

    Oh and Liverpool is fecking great.

    Carry on, nothing to see here :D

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    wah ?

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    wah ?[/quote:dd7cbdc506]
    I agree.. how can Liverpool possibly be ‘great’?!? :P

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    What he means is that now he can steal car wheels without feeling in the minority.

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    Free company trips that dont leave the bounds of Europe? How lame :)

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    yeah evo seem to have alot of free trips..

    Funny though bringing a bunch load of programmers to Amsterdam.. Just too many jokes.. Could go the grass way or the paying for it way :)

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    do you mind if we ask what it is your doing in Liverpool (at work, keep the rest to yourself!)

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    He’s just started / starting at Evolution Studios

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    Yeah, started this week…a wee bit of a commute pain, as I live in Liverpool and Runcorn is designed for car access :p

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