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    here’s a little number for friday.. been trying a new toy out again :D



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    that was really cool! Love the children playing background sounds, very, uh, eerie :) I think… :roll:

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    thanks philippe_j glad someone listened :D .. although i kind guessed friday afternoon is not the best time to put stuff up LOL

    thanks again

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    To be honest I dont think the thread showed up as unread….god knows I spam as much as possible :lol:

    Sounds cool…

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    well, maybe not to get an answer from your listeners, but surely, the whole weekend is plenty enough time to listen to, what was it, a two minute long clip?
    The only disapointing bit (for me), was the fact that it feels like a sample, an unfinished work, or something, but not even looping.
    A bit frustrating, although it certainly illustrates well your artistic ability.
    i.e. you kick ass! :P

    Hope to hear some more in the future!

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    i very rarely put up full tracks or looping ones as i know they’ll get nicked LOL …

    a bit cynical maybe .. but it’s still just as much fun to write 2 mins rather than longer :D

    thanks for listening guys .. i should post a bit more stuff, but it’s rare i get the time to sit and write for myself these days.. it’s a relaxing thing to do!

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    Is it 2 seconds long? That what I get when I try to play it…

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    Sounds Cool, I likey a lot.

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    kyotokid.. its 2 minutes long.. maybe try downloading it again. it’s just a standard mp3 file 128bit


    thanks Max :D

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    Very cool!


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    Really cool Fitch! :D

    I got a very Half-Life vibe off it for some reason…

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    ta mal and gizmo :D a halflife buzz to it .. cool, considering i’ve not seen the game … want to as soon as i get round to buying my pc :D

    thanks again guys

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