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    I know i know, its a game based on a tv so its got a 93% chance of being crap but the graphics look good and if it retains some of the humour of the show i think that might cover up the poor controls and camera angles to make an average enough game.


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    Dunno didnt they do that game already? Seem to remember seeing it being advertised before repeats of futurama on sky one.

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    Ya ur right its been out for ages i just never heard of it before and the video said it would be released next summer but didnt say what year. My bad

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    I remember seeing it on Gamer TV months ago, cant remember if they said it was any good. The olde memory isn’t what it use to be.

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    I have played through it. Technically its not a good game at all but the cut scenes in it are great and the humour in the game makes it bearable. You even get to play as Dr. Zoidberg. Woobwoobwoobwoobwoo

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    And on a related note…Futurama is coming back to TV (no news on wheter they are still going to do the four DVD movies)


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    Thats a shame :(

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    Doh :(

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    the game does suck, but i heard that you can unlock an episode that is done using the game engine…. i had some hardcore fans say it worth playing though to unlock it

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