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    Lads (and I suppose Ladies…)

    Am I nuts or was there talk on this forum about EA making a Gaelic Games PC and/or Console Title?

    I know there was an article about the failings of an Irish dev team, who’s project went pear-shaped, and someone else swooped into to swindle the license (“generally-speaking”, no slander, defamation etc. intended),

    but I’m looking for links to a dev house whom have produced or are producing a GAA title. Or their corresponding publisher/distributor.

    Many thanks one and all!

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    yeah ea are publishing a GAA game, i think its the same developer as the aussie rules games. i saw it as a comming soon in xtra-vision

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    any more details available? I’ve google’d till I can’t google no more and found nothing on EA doing and GAA game. Found a crowd in Australia, with no links to EA at all though…

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    I thought it was Sony that was publishing it.

    EA was mentioned in conjunction with the Irish version of the game that never was, mentioned in the front page feature of a few months ago.

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    I’ve got an avi of the ad for the game thats going onto the telly. Maybe everyones seen this already but If not I can mail it to someone who can host it for everyone to see? The ad is actually really funny!

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    keganb, i just PM’d you about the AVI.

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    the ps2 exclusive gaa football game is out tomoro and is being published by sony, for some reason they’re keeping the launch very low key but i did hear an ad for smyths toys on the radio about the game this morning

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    i just checked out


    and there are some screen shots there if anyone is interested

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    I uploaded the ad here


    Check it out an watch out for the mayo ‘goal’ at the end….

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    thanks Neil, saw this when it was online a few weeks ago but did get it downloaded.

    pretty funny :lol:

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    Jamie Mc

    Don’t have cash to get it yet?



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    oh, someone told me about it this morning. Said it was terrrible. Simple to score, zero fun, and no solo ( not sure if he meant solo-ing happens automatically or no solo-ing in the game )
    Guess thats why it got no publicity…its pants.

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    Jamie Mc

    Why am I not surprised?

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    Saw it today, looks really bad! Animation is so not good, and just looks really awkward to play

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    Is now the time to suggest that having an indigenous developer create it might have resulted in a little more *passion* about the game?

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    Well obviously, but I still say that the market isn’t large enough for someone to sign on for it. I reckon the cost to make was minimal as it was basically a conversion and sony figured it was worth it at a low cost. An indigenous developer would have had a much larger build and a much larger cost. Potential sales version cost would have been a big no-no.

    Oh also, there are no player names…its just numbers.

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    Jamie Mc

    Well we’ll see how big the market is for it based on sales, but I think watching the rental charts will give more of an indication of interest than the sales charts will.


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    Well we’ll see how big the market is for it based on sales[/quote:43565b582e]
    Has it got any decent advertising? We’ve seen the ad on the web, but is it on tv at all, shops doing much advertising?

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    Yep, on tv saw it C4 and utv in the past week

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    Jamie Mc

    There’s been very little marketing surrounding this game outside of core games channels. The fact that it doesn’t seem to have GAA/GPA support probably contributed to this.

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    Hope the screenshots are badly taken because the game looks like total pants. The colours all look washed out, 3d models look bloody ps1, in fact it looks like someones fyp project submission. A bad final years project!!

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    The question is – will this game ruin any chance of another publisher funding a GAA title for at least another ten years?? I think this could well happen if it performs poorly in sales. As Peter said, it does look like something you’d find in the original Playstation. The advert on C4 reminds me of FIFA ’98.

    Into the bargain bin it goes.

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    The tv ad showed 5 or 6 times on the big screen over our heads at the shindig, a few of us even had a bit of a chat about it. I didn’t think anyone was drunk enough to forget that part of the night

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    had the misfortune of playing it last night
    all i can say is absolute rubbish…
    Looks terrible the 3d models are worse than what i do and thats very very bad. Movement is terrible, you seem to have to get lucky to run diagonals. AI is terrible, players wont move out of very specific sectors on the pitch. Scoring seems to be guaranteed once you get within 20 yards from any angle.
    Altogether complete rubbish and it looks and feels like a game made by people that know nothing of the game.

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    dunno how big cool fm radio is in the south but the game is getting really big publisity on there this week. Everyone I’ve talked to about it was pretty excited about it’s release, I’d say by the sound of things there’s gonna be alot of disappointed people, news is spreading fast of it’s poor quality. I remember saying in the original post to make it as pretty as possible cause otherwise people won’t take to it, whereas at least if it’s pretty it’s a start. Unfortunately gamers like myself have come to take beautiful 3d models and seemless animations for granted, anything else now will stand out like a sore thumb.

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    Right well although I didn’t actually play the game I was looking over the shoulder of a guy playing it in Xtra-Vision and I noticed a few things…

    A) It looked rubbish, both graphics and A.I wise. The “It looks like a PS1 game” was mentioned by my mate.

    B) It was slow/laggy as hell.

    C) Even though the guy had the co-ordination of a two year old he was still hammering the A.I opponent with scores for him coming every few seconds.

    D) His summary was quite apt, “It’s bleedin’ shite…”

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    Aphra K

    We had been hoping to get an interview with the Aussie company who developed the game before the launch but sony wasn’t too keen. Anyway, Pavel is still trying to get an interview with them. Watch the feature space.


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    Is there any point? :)

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    I hope there will be some hard questioning…….

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    Is there any point? :)[/quote:5016b3a5ef]

    ya so they can apologise for releasing such crud..

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    I can’t think of an apology that would make up for a game that bad.

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    In fairness, I’d blame Sony. They published it and it should be there responsibility to ensure a certain level of quality.

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    Given they had the engine pre built (for the most part), and they seemingly had an extra year over what they were meant to have, one really has to question what went wrong.

    IR Gurus/Sony seemingly were either not up to the task of making a game they knew nothing about (despite *apparently* having the expertise in the closest matching area), or werent prepared to allocate enough resources to bring the game to an acceptable level. This might be a funding issue, or might be a very disappointing and cynical marketing ploy to getpeople to buy the next iteration of the game one presumes next year.

    At least I can see now why they chose not to launch it against the XBox360 here…


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    Hrm, one would assume that the next version of the game would only sell well if the original was decent. I know it isnt ALWAYS the case but I would have thouht it held true for sports games…

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    its a perfect example of the crap that makes it through towards the end of the life span of a console. you’ll find a lot more ps2\xbox games which suck bad coming out over the next few months(year) because the standards required for publishing drop.

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    I think the best thing really would be the stop this thread and forget that this fiasco ever happened.

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    Aye tis a last dash to get some cash….

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    The game can’t be as bad as the real thing anyway…….

    *runs away*

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    Aphra K

    don’t just give out about it, rate it!

    go to Sony playstation Ireland’s site and they have a scale you can rate the game.



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    I teach, part-time (Maths, Science), and I asked my students (1st years – Leaving Certs) [mixed school] what they thought of the new GAA Game.

    They hated it. All of them. Nothing good to say about it. Classes of about 30 students, something like 6 different classes. (Great place to get market research conducted…)

    I asked why?

    Number 1 Reason Why The GAA Game “Sucks”.

    “I can’t be Peter Canavan. I can’t knock the stuffing out of Oisin McConville.”

    What do you’s make of that.

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    If I had any influence I’d get it taken off the shelves before christmas. Parents are going to buy it just because they think their kids will want it, same as always. Problem is, more so than most games I’ve ever seen, this game says its ok to take a licence and exploit it.

    They’ve published a shoddy product. Most parents don’t know a good game from a bad one, but they will know what GAA is supposed to play and look like.

    They’ll know its bad, they’ll know their kids are disappointed, and they won’t be as inclined to trust in video games as a gift for a child. It probably won’t be a big shift, but I reckon quite a few will go with something they know rather than a video game the next time around

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