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    I don’t agree with the tone of the article, however there are some things worth thinking about in that general area…

    Such as how much of a line is there between the stimuli provided by gambling vs provided by some sort of games?

    There’s been a number of stories (notably from asia) of people who have played games to the exclusion of all else, sometimes until they pretty much dropped dead.

    Excessive game playing does negitively affect some peoples lives, and I think there’s definitely some merit in thinking critically about the effects of playing games to excess.

    At what point it becomes an addiction, I don’t know.

    But I agree with you, it could well have been from the Onion, the article overall is poor, lots of scaremongering and cheap hacky sentences rather than interesting discussion.

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    More research into the field is definitely needed. There’s no doubt that it can become addictive to some level.

    The article is mostly nonsense though. They’re certainly not going to raise awareness with reporting like that.

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    Thing is, its from an Associated Press (AP) writer, so it will be on many sites\ news papers all over the world.



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