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    Hey guys n dolls! wanna show some of the work Ive done.
    I hope you like it.
    heres the link to my portfolio. http://noeleonl.daportfolio.com/

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    are you still looking for work, expereince.

    I am building game aimed at 18-30 year old.
    Have one set of characters, real life, but want to experiemnt with more fantasy types.

    You can get me at 087 2051852, Jo Brennan.

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    Here are my latest works. I hope you like them.

    Futuristic Hangar, Photoshop/SketchUp

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    Nice work. Really impressive stuff.

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    Yeah, nice work. Good to see some 3d work creeping in there too. I think a lot of big sized studios who hire concept artists these days expect a good understanding of 3d. Most of the best concept guys who’s work I’ve seen recently seem to do a lot of work in software like ZBrush. It’s quick to model 3d concept stuff in there and then the artist creating the low/ high polygon models has something to work directly from.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Thanks a lot folks! Here’s more to look at.

    This is a test character for Snow Globe games. Didnt get the gig but it was a valuable experience.

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    Heres another. Concepts of male and female versions of the same character.

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    Here is a map test done for a mobile games company.
    I was given the basic ‘nude’ map layout and the brief was for a floating island with a summer theme.
    Heres what I did.
    I hope you like it.

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    Very nice art mate, keep up the good work. ;)

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    Thanks a lot Mantikore, Still hard at it. You have good stuff too! Great work. I’ll keep posting stuff here anyway.

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    Maybe we’ll be able to work on something together in the future. ;)

    Cheers mate.

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    that’s some beautiful work man. i love the map for the mobile games company.

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    Thanks a lot felix,

    Here’s a new personal piece. It aint game art i know. But hey.
    Its called ‘Milkshakes’.
    I hope you like it!

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    Wow, some great work!

    Are you mainly focused on concept art or are you interested in the nitty gritty of producing in-game visuals?

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    Thanks Frankie,

    I love concept art and the idea of nailing a piece based on a description. Plus the possibility of that piece moving on to be built in 3D, animated and take center stage in a AAA title is a dream of mine too.
    However, I would also love to see my Art in-game.
    I am in the process of producing in game visuals for a game myself and a few mates are putting together. Long way to go but I am learning the trade.

    Thanks again,

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    Heres some new stuff.
    My own twist on Gray Fox from MGS

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    My first Zbrush sculpt. Gonna drop it in PS to see what I can do. Goin for a creature that might inhabit an alien rainforest. A dead eyed lurker, waiting to pounce like a velociraptor.

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    Loving your work here man, in particular, Gray Fox, bloody brilliant version of him!

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    Thanks RedXIV. Gray fox was my favourite.

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    Hey Noely,

    Love your work, superb compositions. Count Corwin and the Powercell stand out for me.

    Keep up the great work!

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    Havn’t posted on here in ages but just thought your work was worth the praise. Fantastic stuff. You should be bombarding games studios with your portfolio.

    You should have a look at the game dev section on reddit.

    Lots of indie devs post up there.

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    Thank you very much Paul and payrad for the kind words. @payrad Ill have a looksee.
    Thanks again!

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    this one is really inspiring :D beautiful

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    Thank you very much 3dFoin. I’m glad you like it.
    Here is my Zbrush sculpt after Photoshop. Had to finish it off. Get it done.

    The ‘Bowlhead’ is understood to be an alien genus of gephyrostegid reptiliomorph amphibian.
    Bowlheads are extremely agile hunters that inhabit the banks all along the ‘JJa’ river in the Faankoom Rainforest.
    They will hunt down large prey in twos and threes with frightening speed, scaling the trees and swimming to get a better vantage point. Often, their best approach is to wait in the dark waters of the JJa until their thirsty and unsuspecting prey, sometimes twice their size, is dragged under and drowned.
    These creatures make the journey through Faankoom a very difficult task indeed.

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    Wow! That looks amazing – like a Guillermo Del Toro movie monster.

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    Thanks anthony! Im glad you like it. I like the comparison too. He’s got some good monsters in his flicks.

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    I have just received an Excellence Award from 3DTotal for my piece ‘Bowlhead’ (above). On August 3rd, it will be on the 3DTotal homepage for 12 days before becoming a permanent addition to their galleries. As you may know, the standard of art in these galleries is amazing and it is a pretty tough selection process so I am very happy and very proud to have my work chosen and to share my award.
    Thanks a million!
    Here’s to improving everyday!

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    Aphra K

    well done. that is great news


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    Lovely stuff. Keep up the good work.

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    Nice one :)

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    Thanks very much folks.
    Couple of days and its on the website!
    Here a Joker drawing for the time being.(wip)

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    love it <3

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    Here it is! On the home page. Booom!

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    Looks great!

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    Heres the finished, coloured Joker. Thanks!

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    Lovely stuff Noely as usual.

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    Heres a quick one I did before bed time.

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    Can almost hear the wind howling in that one Noely, class

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    Thanks a lot Pete!

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    Great stuff Noely. Love that last one (Musk).

    p.s. – also Joker looks ace ;)

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    Hey thanks a lot folks. heres some more.

    Character dev
    A shady mutant with her hood up.

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    Cool stuff man, keep it up! Can definitely see the improvement over time :)

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    Thanks a lot Niall. Always pluggin away.

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    Nice work. An excellent main character in a 3d action type game. I’d say shes worth doing a bit more work on aswell. Views of her from other angles, with her hood down, maybe an action pose or two to give the animators a bit of info etc. Good work though. Really like it.

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    Thanks Roganski. Good idea. Ill do some more images of her and develop her more. But for now, heres a monsta!

    Some poor human has been made host to an alien parasite that lives in the stomach, while it controls the body and mind with worm-like arms that burst through the head and shoulders.
    The stomach also fills up with bile and acid creating a defence mechanism that will burst and burn if the parasite is ever disturbed. Nasty.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Rid – Sci-fi Concept.
    Someone just got dumped into space.

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    Creature Design
    Silk-Purse Flyer

    This little fellow might not be the most handsome of creatures to the human eye. However, in his world, he is a supermodel.
    The line along his side will pulse different colours during the courting process. Making him quite the catch to his female counterparts.
    The more varied the colours, the better his chances at finding a mate.
    Its favourite food is the nectar of the Gurita, a flower that dwarfs this little creature as he flies right into its opening.
    It is safe in its world as his blood is pure poison, making him unpalatable to any poor creature that might fancy a bite.
    Its name comes from the old saying, ‘You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear’.
    Because both of its wings resemble pigs ears, attached to something as colourful and as beautiful as a silk purse.

    Done for ConceptArt.org’s Creature of the week.
    Brief: Aposematic Stalk-Eyed Honey Sucker

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    A character whos been on my mind for a while now.
    I keep thinking of a grumpy old Giant who doesnt need anyones help. That is until he cant get into small spaces.
    This is Gurol.

    Zbrush, Photoshop.

    I hope you like it,

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    Really nice, I love the giant and the airlock concept (although that one’s a little heavy on the anamorphic lens flare).

    I’m curious, have you ever tried rigging & animating your head models?

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    Hi satchmo, thanks a lot! I keep getting that feeling off the airlock one too. I think it needs toning down a little.
    No I haven’t tried rigging and animating yet. That’s on the list of things to do. There’s a lot on that list.
    For now Im just trying to get comfortable with Zbrush as a sculpting tool.

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    Done for Spitpaint group on FB.
    The brave young mouse and his new friend need to get home. As they find somewhere cosy and settle in for the long journey his friend surveys their mode of transport…
    ”This is a really, really big train…”

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    New work.
    Big steel boats in the sky. They came without warning.

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    Amazing work!

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    Really great artwork, Noely! The "Rid – Sci-fi" concept is my favourite at the moment :D

    Just out of curiosity: once you have a stable idea of what you’re going to put down in a painting, how much time does it usually get to complete it?

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    Thanks LostTrainDude, it depends really. If I want to render a piece properly it could take 10+ hours. Some of these took longer as I was experimenting with the programs. However others like the Vein Mauler and the character concepts took about 4 hours. Then the ‘really big train’ piece took me just over an hour. Thanks for the kind words.

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    New work.
    Done for the Super Speedpainting Funtimes group on Facebook.
    Topic : Robot Graveyard, 50 mins.

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    New work.
    Done for the Super Speedpainting Funtimes group on Facebook.
    Topic : Cloud Archdemon, 50 mins.

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    Excellent speed concepts.

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    These speedpaintings are amazing!
    Do you plan to join the next Dublin Gamecraft? :)

    I didn’t notice it was already in the Events!

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    The robot graveyard is good, but the colours seem off to me – seems like it needs a lot more contrast to give it more impact.

    I love the archdemon though, that’s awesome. Great atmosphere, nice lighting, and I really like the extra-wide format. Great work!

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    @LostTrainDude I haven’t thought about joining the next game craft but we’ll see. I might!
    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Very much appreciated.
    Heres some new stuff. More speedies.
    Topic : Kali Mecha

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    More Speedies
    Topic : Dealbreaking Feature

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    New stuff.
    Female Vampire

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    Nice work Noely. Some nice and unique concepts, which is what it’s all about really.

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    Awesome stuff, the city cave has great atmosphere.

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    Thanks a lot folks!

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    Hi everyone,

    I am delighted to share that I have received a LayerPaint Excellence Award for my piece ‘City Cave’.
    Its a an honour to have my work admitted to their collection to stand beside all the top quality art on display.
    Its on the LayerPaint Homepage for another 6 days before becoming a permanent addition to their galleries. Buzzin’!!
    Check it out!

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    Hi all, here’s something new to look at.
    I did this for a competition on FB. The brief was to design a Kaiju.
    Here is my entry, I hope you like it.



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    That’s deadly Noely!

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    These are awesome! Fantastic work :)

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    Thanks Pete, thanks Darth!

    Heres some more development images of it.

    And here –

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    More stuff. The lava character is a speedpainting excercise. 1hr. Its from a while back so I cant remember the topic in the FB group.

    This Zbrush sculpt is a creature/dinosaur im working on. I hope to have a full figure done when I get the time.


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    Holy shit, dude! This stuff is impressive! Do you have any particular influences or type of work you particularly like working on? It’s just interesting how many fields and genres you’ve touched on with this forum page…

    You’ve gotta a lot of character portraits, (and I’m mostly a poly-pushing artist, but ‘nice anatomy’, if that means anything!), but you’ve also got a lot of cool environmental scenes. Have you tried taking one character or environment and making a series of images on the topic? Not so much comics, but maybe some sequential views of one of your cities, or one of your characters moving through it? It’s be fun to see how you’d visualise someone or something inhabiting the worlds you paint, from different angles, with different lighting conditions, etc.

    Very cool stuff, either way. Glad I found this page. =)


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