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      Hey folks,

      Long story short: I was wondering if people would be interested in helping to spread the word about (or even supporting) my game development project. Here is the link: http://igg.me/at/1YearGameDev

      Short Story long: I’ve been making games in my spare time for years now (an hour or two a day), and worked on the same tech for my day job so they’ve always fed off of each other and enabled me to transition well. As an artist, and someone not naturally gifted in code I do struggle at times but battle through regardless.

      Recently I had to change jobs, which landed me in a whole different ball park, with regards languages, tech used, platform types, and methodologies. It’s a totally different direction for me, but it was all that was out there, and as a self taught developer, I’m finding it very difficult to adapt.

      Something had to give, with a growing family and a shriveling brain I need to put all my energies into one project in order to support my family. Being that it is the only thing that pays, for the last few months I have had to put all my effort into holding onto my day job, and the game development has stopped dead. It doesn’t look like it is going to change soon either, being a small company, it seems that I am introduced to new things and areas I’ve never worked with or in before. So the spare time game development is going to die, and my aspirations with it.

      Still, before I stop scratching that itch for good, I need to try one last thing before closing the door, so hello crowd funding! I figure that like any art, games are only worth making if people are going to play them so why not let my potential audience decide my fate on this matter, if people want me to finish the games, hopefully they’ll back me.

      I’ve been whittling out games since 2008 (which seems like a long time to me), and whilst I’ve only managed to get 5 live in total, it remains a real passion of mine. However, if I’ve not managed to make a living from it by now, then perhaps there is a message there?

      So this (http://igg.me/at/1YearGameDev) is my swan song (if you’ll indulge the cliche), I’ve put clips from games past and present there (I’m not good at video making, so be warned, it’s a bit rough around the edges), and some links to some of my existing games, and details of the projects I’ll be backing up to DVD and forgetting forever if this fails.

      If I get backed, I’ll be working all hours to get these finished over the next year, and my dream is to grow my business into another successful indie developer here in Ireland with real careers for other passionate game creators, but right now I just need to get over this hurdle, and get the time to finish bringing my ideas to life.

      I’ll be happy to discuss further with anyone that is interested, all support is welcome!

      Thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it.


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