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    It turns out Space Station Manager made it to the finals in the Independent Games Festival (http://www.igf.com). Essentially it means I will be traveling to San Jose for the Game Developers Conference this year.

    Who else is going to GDC? Anyone from the Digital Hub?

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    Hi Kai-Peter,

    Booked everything yesterday. I think today is the last day for the cheapie Alumni rates. Managed to get a hotel downtown this year, being out near the airport can be a pain.

    I’m not in the Digital Hub (yet anyway) but Galway is not that far away! :-)


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    For anyone who’s going be sure to check out Northern Ireland’s own David Perry giving a speech that is not to be missed. For a little info on the gaming legend click here.

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    Yeap will be there i think..(not in the Hub either).

    Should be good craic!

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    Congrats on making the finals!
    If nothing messes up in the meantime I should be there (just on the Audio pass though).

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    Managed to get a hotel downtown this year, being out near the airport can be a pain.

    Duh, I managed to book yesterday and the only places free were the ones by the airport .. :) Something to learn for next year ..

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    They have free buses that run out to the hotels near the airport so getting in and out is ok as long as you don’t mind waiting. It felt like I was leaving the action behind each time I left the city centre last year to go back to the hotel (don’t know that this is actually true!) so thought I would try to get somewhere downtown this time.

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    Havok will be attending, mostly folks from our San Francisco office, but also myself and Dave Gargan (who some might have met at the IGDA event on Thursday night), plus perhaps one or two more from Dublin.

    Hope to see some of you there in San Jose.

    And we are in the Digital Hub!


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    Hi Steve,

    Do you guys have a stand again this year?

    I missed out on your party last year, had other commitments, and was very glum because of it. I had reports from some who were there and I was green! Green and Glum!

    Anyone interested in meeting for a few social beverages while there? Maybe we could have a chapter meeting at the IGDA booth. They have seats and a weird word game that draws an incredible crowd. No they don’t have social beverages that I know of.


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    And while you are at the exhibition come check out the Mistaril stand in the IGF section.. I have even managed to recruit some of my best modders to really show what can be done with the game .. :)

    I’m definetly in for any social gatherings ..

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    Hi Folks,

    one of the IGDA Organising Committee members has been talking to Enterprise Ireland about organising some kind of Irish Developers stand at this year’s GDC.

    Watch this space for more info over the next few days

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    Hi Tony,

    That’s excellent news.

    Would extra voices help in the discussion?


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    Hi Alan,

    probably not at this stage. EI are pretty keen and my sense is that it’s nearly there. The remaining issues are logistical (ie. GDC organiser’s end) rather than at EI’s end.

    If it comes off, and I’m optimisitic it will, thanks are due to Dylan Collins


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    it has been confirmed that there will definitely be some kind of meeting area and/or expo space for irish develpers at this year’s GDC.

    Will post more info tomorrow after this afternoon’s meeting of the IGDA organising committee

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    Hiya Tony,

    Any more news on this EI stand et all?

    Also anyone having difficulty with Hotel rooms while there? Anywhere reasonable and close that isn’t completly booked out?


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    Hi Mark,

    the EI stand has been confirmed. You can contact Dylan Collins for more info (dylan.collins AT demonware.net) & about getting in on any promo materials, etc.

    Have no info on the hotels (haven’t booked my own yet) other than what some of the others have said in earlier posts about them booking up long before now. You’ll probably have to look further out to get one at this stage. There are some hotels listed on the GDC site – maybe they could recommend one?

    Let me know how you get on – as I’ll have to book my own this week

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    Hi Mark, Tony,

    If all the hotels listed on their website are gone, try to get one that is close to the shuttle route, i.e. near the shuttle hotels. I stayed at the Wyndham out near the airport last year which was a nice hotel but, I felt, a little away from everything. That said it has a shuttle service to the Conference which is a help. Looks like it is completely booked up now but I would check expedia and the like as they can sometimes have block reservations that they then sell on.


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    cheers, Alan. Had similar trouble myself at E3 last year

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    anyone interested in a meal/few drinks one evening? I’ll be arriving on Saturday and leaving on Thursday evening.

    Apart from the folks above, I know DemonWare and Torc will have a presence.

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    I leave Monday early, arrive Tuesday late (groan), leave again on Sunday.


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    Myself and Wendy are heading over on Saturday …will be here for the full week.

    I am also taking holidays for a week after and spending time in San Fran till Tuesday then New York will Saturday and Home again. Should be a nice break!

    Im sure we’ll meet up for a couple of pints over there. I believe, from last talking to Dylan at the lastIGDA meet, they’ve organised some bar fun for the week would this be correct? Also the EI and Havok stands should be a decent point to meet up with the Irish contingent.

    Looking forward to it!


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