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      I am a sound designer looking for some projects to work on.

      I looking to hear from game developers, online game developers, app developers, website developers, students…etc

      Anything interactive that needs Audio…every project considered

      PM me if interested…

      Also I would like to chat with anyone associated or with any insight into the games development industry in Ireland and the role of audio in it

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      Welcome to the forums.

      Have you got any sample audio tracks available for download?

      Might be an idea to do the usual intro. Check under the sticky threads.


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      Hi Brendan,

      Thanks for the reply, my website is currently W.I.P and should be live in about a week. I will post site then. I just want to put out a few feelers..

      I am new to the games industry in Ireland, I worked in London for the past few years and recently returned with the idea of setting up a game audio, interactive audio studio.

      I just heard that the british gov have approved tax breaks in the UK for games industry after much lobbying by TIGA and I wonder if you could inform me about any similar agency in Ireland.

      I understand that there is a lack of a games industry at this time but I belive that it will change over the next few years. There are alot of talented Irish ppl out there and with the government all about innovation at the moment, it can only be good for development of such an industry.



Viewing 2 reply threads
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