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      First of all, Hello.

      Ok inbetween leaving college (2 weeks away :D ) and actually getting employed somewhere (No idea :cry: ) I’ve decided to spend my time putting together a small game. It will be a simplified version of CM/FM and Bainisteoir – Hurling, but the difference being it will only encompass the Rubgy Union 6 Nations tournament.

      Now Ive spent a few days trying to work out how the engine works, but I am still puzzled by the complexities of the already mentioned games. Idealy im looking for a simple text match engine like back in the old Championship Manager 1/2/3 days, with it only using the player/team stats that will be held in a DB.

      Does any one here now of anything that I could read on the internet to help me out, or have any ideas how this would work. Now I know rugby has a more complicated scoring system then say football does, but im hoping that once I understand the basics I should be able to play around with it to mold (good old trial and error…) it into what I want.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      doubt you will find information on how to construct games like these. Simply because their actually straight forward enough (real challenge being creating an entertaining ai system which creates a nice mix of wins, loses, attributes to determine team and player success). From ui point of view again thats pretty straight forward, real task is to prioritise presenting alot of data to the user (most important and relevant first, with the option to drill down deeper if they need it, this is typically in the FM series).

      As for the scoring system, this should be a reflection of the standard system for 6 nations and rubgy union.

      Personally, i think this would make an ideal entry project into games. Could use a number of technologies also for it, flash or silverlight would be awesome, then everyone could play online. Worth getting practise IMO with silver light i reckon its going to take off in next year or so. Nice driving force of MS behind it.

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      I was thinking using C# for it, since in college I never really did this, and its a skill I want/need to learn. With regards to Silver light, I dont really want to try that yet for now a simple single player game should be the first version, after I got that sort then I will look at continuing development options. That and I was at the Silverlight talk at the DDDIreland event 2/3 weeks back and that flew straight over my head.

      The user interface will be basic enough for the first version (think CM1/2) my graphics skills arent that great, but all the important information will be presented to the user.

      Simply because their actually straight forward enough[/quote:7d9c1c9971]

      its still eluding me but would you be able to explain how this is done, if possible?

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      its still eluding me but would you be able to explain how this is done, if possible?[/quote:f7804d0fa8]

      Would love to man but it would probably take about 10 pages of typing and I dont really have the time :(

      My advice would be the same thing i do when i set out to do a clone game. Study the other game indepth, screens\flow\ data corrolation etc (reverse engineer). Then try to reproduce in your own code.

      Best of luck with it.

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