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    Thought I’d start a list of game sdks which are currently available. Anybody got any other useful links?

    Half-Life SDK – http://www.valvesoftware.com/hlsdk.htm

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    Its worth checking out the free :) SDKs and _stuff_ that are available out there too. A good place to start is Source Forge found

    @ Source Forge

    For example Nebula Device found
    @ The Nebula Device


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    All versions of GtkRadiant can be downloaded here:
    for anyone interested in making/modding games based on the Quake3 engine (Q3, SoF2, ST Elite Force, RTCW, JK2, HL)

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    http://crystal.sourceforge.net/drupal/ is a very nice opensource engine

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    Qube soft have started developing the Q engine,
    you can find it at: http://www.qubesoft.com
    It comes with full sdk and Qstudio, a user interface to the SDK
    Also provided are MAx and Maya exporters

    Q studio was used in a Game design course. At the Mo I’m checking out the SDK section, seems good, handles XML, and Entity definitions are supported

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    I’ve been looking at Q as well and I’m impressed so far. It was pointed out to me by a guy who developed it called Servan (didn’t catch his last name) at the Bernie Stolar thing in Enterprise Ireland. He also co-developed the original Direct3D, so he knows what he’s talking about.

    The most attrative thing about it, once you get past all the standard technical features is the licencing. It’s a free Windows licence but you have to pay for Playstation or XBox which are both supported. Theoretically, this makes it easy for a guerrilla developer to create a game under less stressful circumstances that’s ready for porting if it’s a success. (And made with porting in mind, of course).


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