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      Hi all,

      Just a quick question. Game UI programming.

      HTML/CSS based, and is C++.

      Flash based, and more than likely C++.

      Has anyone used these tools, or similar?

      What kind of production toolchain are you using?

      Are there any other alternatives?

      I’ll post this question in the Creative Content forum, as there "aint too many artists in these-here parts…"


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      I used scaleform on a few games, it was faster than creating our own system at the time. It was more stable than other solutions but was rather costly for UI.

      If you have the time you could use:


      Extend it and fix what you need. This is originally what scaleform was developed from, but obviously with several hundred man hours of development behind it.

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      Yep, I’ve used Scaleform GFx also, however it was about two years ago so I would assume it has evolved considerably since then. The end results were rather impressive, and if they’ve refined the product since then, which I’m sure they have given their current roster of clients, I wouldn’t have any problems recommending it.

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      Actually what I think you should do is grab the Crysis demo and have a mess around with their UI stuff. See what you think of it and how it works, that should give you a good indication as to what scaleform can do.

      I believe the big question is price. Is it worth the expense of buying Scaleform per sku, or is it more cost effective to create your own solution. From the numbers I’ve seen thrown around Scaleform is pretty damn expensive (These numbers are from second hand sources so I take them with a pinch of salt)

Viewing 3 reply threads
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