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    I agree with a lot of what you said. Its a sad fact of life that as game development costs increase the chances of publishers wanting to risk money on an original concept is going to decrease.

    So like you said, thank God at least one company is pushing for innovation. Apparently Nintendo are also hoping the Revolution will help smaller developers who have less money but have great ideas. We will have to wait and see on that one though.

    But at least they are trying.

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    Nintendo believe that Sony and Microsoft are pushing themselves into a development corner and I completely agree. At the Tokyo Game show 2005, the president of Nintendo (Satoru Iwata) said that any new ideas for the Nintendo Revolution would be welcomed by Nintendo. Interesting! Just how much would they welcome good new ideas?


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    You should read the article “Death to the Game Industry” by Greg Costikyan where he says all that. Things need to change, everyone says the same, except for the money-men. And thats where the problem lies. I’ve been in the game for 14 months now and its a real insight when you see how things really work and why projects get the go-ahead. Many of the zany ones get the go ahead because there is a big name at the head of it. Surely people have head the rumours around The Sims and Will Wright & EA. Its crazy and unless you’ve got the money, there’s not a lot you can do about it. Its not run by gamers anymore, its run by suits and every now and then, they accidently let a good idea slip through there tight web of restrictiveness…

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    How many of these mods are on consoles ?


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    any of you hombres know how much a Nintendo (DS or GameCube/Revolution) goes for?

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    They’re just a bunch of cheap biotches. EA could well afford to make original games themselves or even fund some producers. I do’nt know if you heard, but Bono teamed up with some companies(can’t remember the names of said companies) to form a “super developer” that won’t have to rely on publishers for funding so we can look forward to quality games in the future.

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    The majority of people are whingy-ass mofos whose parents would prefer to give them E500 than spend a minute with them. They’re not concerned about cash, only about what’s more popular(i.e. has more cursing and sex in them).

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    I was replying to Jediboy, what on earth is your point?

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