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      Hi all,

      The jobs page doesn’t seem to have updated since i added a new StarCave job spec to it yesterday so I’ll just post it here in the meantime!



      StarCave Studios is a leading Galway-based independent computer games and multimedia developer to International consumer and business markets.

      The successful applicant will play a critical role in developing a new console title for the XBox 360, using C/C++ and utilising the reality engine, participating in a multidisciplinary team environment.

      Duties & Responsibilities:
      – Responsible for creating dynamic gaming solutions using various technologies
      – Maintenance and debugging of all game code
      – Be an active participant in the definition and architecture of new and existing titles
      – Communicate and work well with other developers, artists, designers and producers to create quality games

      – You have a degree in computer science
      – At least 2 years experience in development, or 1 published console title
      – Experience with the Reality engine is preferable
      – Knowledge of multiple technologies including C/C++

      Applications will also be considered from those candidates with relevant formal qualifications considered to be of an equivalent or higher standard to those stated.

      Applicants who do not possess one of the above formal qualifications and who consider that they have a relevant equivalent qualification must provide the necessary evidence in their application form.

      Location: Galway, Ireland
      Salary: DOE
      Contact: info@starcave.com

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      nice, good to see more hiring.

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      A big up to Star Cave, on being actively hiring again! It’s great to see Irish companies grow from strength to strength.
      > developing a new console title for the XBox 360, using C/C++ and utilising the reality engine

      That Reality Engine seems to be flavour of the year for Irish game development!!! Don’t forget to “release early, release often”, just so your fellow game dev-rs can get a sneak peak of prototypes / WIPs that you’re working on :)

      I have a feeling that Derry and Galway are going to be two scalding-hot-spots of commercial development for the next two to three years!!! Hopefully the rest of the country can catch up!

      Good luck…

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      Just to let ye know, Star Cave Studios has taken on full-time 5 people from our Internship program 2 weeks ago. More news of this is going to be released on this site in the very near future (we are in crunch time on a number of products currently!)

      And we are going to be putting up more job ads soon for our Xbox 360 dev that requires a number of development titles and years experience to join or very hot talent. More news on this shortly as well.


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      It does my heart good to hear news like this.
      After all the flapping about for the last couple of weeks it’s good, neigh, great to see this forum being used as it is meant to be. The nurturing of Irish talent.

      I’ll join Mal in a BIG UP for StarCave. Wish you all the best.

      I reckon 2005/2006 is going to be a big year for Irish game developers. It’s an exciting time for all of us. Being on the cusp of something big like this is priceless and reminds you how lucky ou are to have a job in an industry you love.

      I’m going away for a wee cry now.

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