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    i’m doing a bit of research on game sales and i’m finding it hard to find a site that has sales figures for games… do you know any?

    this months edge, website of the month is this site

    its very interesting but i’m looking p.c. game sale figures

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    Are you looking for yearly pc game sales figures or sales figures for individual pc games ?

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    Hey Man,

    Go here:


    or here:

    sorry repeat
    (unfortunately figures are in japanese)

    hope it helps

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    that really highlights how poorly xbox titles do in japan.

    i dont think they like being the last to get the games. although it is a taste of their own medicine(games like final fantasy and metal gear were released almost a year or more before we got our hands on them).

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    Sales figures for individual pc games … mostly RTS game like c&c

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    If you can’t get your hands on official sales lists, one of the easiest things to do is to google to find press releases about launches of new games. When a sequel is launched the press release will usually say how much its predecessors have sold.

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    yeah thats what i doing, but its very hard to find

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