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      We have just released the first Alpha of GamesBasic, our programming language for games development. Its kinda Object Orientated basic with extensions to allow easy access to DirectX.

      As this is the first release there are bound to be a ton of bugs and there are plenty of missing features (like no 3D support yet). This is just a quick release to see what people think, theres many (many!) months of development left before we even reach v1.0 but for now marval at the 2D graphics :lol:

      Visit http://www.GamesBasic.com for more information! I`m on the chat room 9am->5pm GMT most week days if u want to chat.

      Some things to notice..

      1) The IDE is pretty complete
      2) The compile times (yes.. 0.0x seconds 8) )
      3) Full debugger (with a few bugs)
      4) Almost standalone executables (1 DLL required, soon to be gone)
      5) 2 simple demos (Mandralbrot set and various 2D shapes)
      6) Built in IRC client
      7) Small execs (~500Kb)
      .. and probably other stuff I forget :)

      If you`ve any questions about GamesBasic (even technical ones) just ask away!


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