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    Anyone else having problems getting onto the site ?

    When I go there I just get

    Site unavailable temporarily. Check back soon.[/quote:f466b642d0]

    But I went to the direct links that were so kingly posted up by Ian earlier this morning :p

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    works fine for me.

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    Working fine for me too…..I guess you’re just cursed!


    Edit: Again, I just want to say what a masterstroke this is by Microsoft. Not only will this unveiling reach a mass audience, but it means we can actually watch the unveiling on TV, without having to download low quality camcorder recordings from websites, which is what we usually have to do for the E3 press conferances.

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    http://www.gamesindustry.biz doesn’t work for me but
    http://www.gamesindustry.biz/index.php does…

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    both links above work for me.

    when ye do get, in read the interview with coppola and EA, about the upcoming god father game. its pretty funny.

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    I posted that up yesterday!

    my post

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    Get with the times Peter….. :p

    It is a funny article though, my favourite snippet being:
    “They use the characters everyone knows, and they hire those actors to be there, and only to introduce minor characters. And then for the next hour they shoot and kill each other”

    You see, even the great Coppola rants on EA.

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    sorry.. omen post so much these days, you just brush over the majority of it :)

    i love what the ea fella says

    “He isn’t choosing to participate in the project, but he did invite us up to the Coppola winery where he has his own private library. He’s got a lot of materials from the original Godfather productions – so a lot of sketch designs for the sets, for the costumes, a lot of notes that he’s taken in the original screenplay as well as in the book.

    “He invited us up there to take a look around, and we sent four or five people for a week. It was such a rich experience to go up there and see it and it was well worth the time,” he added.

    Coppola losing his memory i wonder? wheres my false teeth…

    However, Coppola’s claims that he was completely unaware of the project seem to contradict earlier statements by the game’s producer, David De Martini. “We’ve met with [Coppola] on one occasion and we shared with him what our vision was for the game, and where we were going to go,” De Martini told gamesindustry.biz in a recent interview.

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    I think EA are just lying through their teeth. :p

    Seriously though, do you really think Coppola would invite a bunch of EA guys to his “winery” for a week.
    I honestly think he has more important stuff to be doing. If he decided to give them research material surely he would have just gotten one of his assistants to send them copies of the material?!

    Although maybe I’m just too biased on this……

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    well if their lying couldnt a court action be taken against EA?

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