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      Game spot have given there review of the year, Resident Evil 4 was there favorite game because of its great game play and so on. I’m not sure if I can agree with it being the best of the year, but I did enjoy it a whole lot.

      What are your thoughts from a developer point of view rather than the Gamer/fanboy perspective, which games raised the Bar in 2005 and why do you think so? What was the most innovative or exciting title released and what was the most disappointing?

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      i would definitly agree with RE 4 getting game of the year, one of most enjoyable titles i have played for a long time. the mix of 3rd pp combat, combined with tradition button bashing and panic gameplay was amazing, combination of fmv sequences and gameplay was just another great usp for that game. also for its style, and quality of art media.

      i bet the engine had crazy LOD and occlusion testing systems to deal with all those prefabs. It also some of the best animation iv seen in a game.

      as for dissapointment of the year, i dought il be the only person to say this, but the gaa game was complete crap. nothing further to say on it.

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      I cant believe BF2 made it into their top lists. Dont get me wrong its a good game, but its unfinished, lacks features, buggy as hell, and well its played by twats on most servers.

      GOD of War

      Were the only real games in 2005 that I felt compelled to complete. All the other games like Brother in arms, Splinter Cell 3, Call of Duty2 I rapidly lost interest in.

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