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      Flip, let’s see the first computer we had was the sinclair ql which was about ’84 or ’85 so I would have been around 4 or 5 when we got it and I can remember writing a compiler then!!! just kidding :D seriously tho I remember playing pirate and hunter and quebert, plus the odd text adventure, was ace and then my brother sucked the microdisk with pirate on it, bloody typical!! :x

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      Likewise I was about 5 and my Da brought home this beautiful plastic system that just played 4 variants of Pong and had paddles with dials on them for controllers. My Ma widely contributed the subsequent tube damage to the TV on the many hours myself and my sisters used to spend on it.

      LOL Just thinking there was even a cheat on it that if you pushed the game select switch part way between 2 games, player 2 would get extra bats on screen for pong!!

      Think I was 9 when I got my first real computer, a Commodore 64. Oh! Those days! :cry: Gibber!

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      my first was an amstrad cpc 464, a pure beast!

      i’ll always remember the classic soccer boss, max number of goals in a match was 7 so if ya went 4-0 up ya knew you’ld won!

      pure class!

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      age 10 with one of those Pong jobbies Pete mentioned… then a Sinclair ZX81, soon followed by a Speccy… eventually moving on to those standalone mini-arcade games (Frogger, twinvaders, etc.) before I got me mits on an Atari 2600

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      CBS Colecovision and the Donkey Kong adaptation bundled with it. 1982, I believe. About the same time a couple of ninty Game & Watch (Parachute & Mario Cement Factory) and a Bandai solar-powered one (Airport)

      Still have vivid memories of playing Turbo on the CBS with the steering wheel and the foot pedal. I think it was the first-ever for a home console.

      Followed in chronological order by:
      * C64
      * 520ST / * Master System
      * Amiga (600? can’t remember – first gen anyway) / * Megadrive
      * SNES
      * First PC (386 laptop, Zenith brand, win 3.1)
      * Mac (classic ‘all-in-one’ beige box shape)
      * Next PC (P1 233 MMX, desktop clone, win95 then 98 ) / * PSX
      * N64
      * Dreamcast
      * [retro period: 3DO, Jaguar, CDi, NEC PCe, NEC GT, Wonderswans, Virtual Boy, Vectrex, GB ‘brick’, GB Pocket, GB Pocket backlit, GBC, etc, etc.]
      * Next lappies (misc PII, PIII) / * GC – * PS2 – * Xbox / * GBA
      * DS

      (all above sold since at one point or another, some re-bought/re-sold, etc.)

      1 lappie (D600 P-M 1.7) – playing OpFlash (rarely) on that
      1 desktop (HP, AMD64) (the only one since the P1 above !) – playing BF2 and GTL/LFS:S2 on that
      GC (again!) – playing MK: DD (rarely) on that
      SP – playing Advance Wars I (rarely) on that

      and wearing off the consoles rapidly :oops:

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      First home games system I ever had was an Atari 2600. Can’t remember how old I was when I got it but I was pretty young alright, probably around 5 aswell. Oh I can remember being amazed by all the dazzling colours.

      Pitfall was one of my favorite titles on it, I still have vivid memories of playing it. Ah bless I love the nostalgia, brings a tear to me eye, It seems so long ago since I was that innocent young lad wearing shorts with band aid on me knee. Sniff!

      My game system history is as follows:

      * Atari 2600.
      * C64.
      * Gameboy.
      * SNES.
      * Playstation.
      * N64.
      * PC.
      * Dreamcast.
      * XBOX/PS2.

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      Most have been about 3 and we got in a Sharp MZ700. Short while later we won an Enterprise computer from a tv quiz show. The Sharp was smashing :)

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      i was 5 when we got a commadore 64. i can just remember playing teenage mutant ninja turtles and terminator.

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      Game I remember most on my C64 is Silent Service – I used to swear they’d got some sort of proggy to make the tape player sound like a sub diesel, LOL!

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      I had an Atari ST 2600 for many many years then one day for xmas got a commodore 64 (yeah!). After getting as much as I could out of it, I got an Amiga 600. Though i proved entertaining for a while I begged my parents to get me a PC. Though it was a pretty poor 486sx-33 and an ex-display model I was happy. (I remember it costing me over 100 quid for an extra 4mb or ram!!). Through the years I upgraded, got new machines, ranging from a K6-233 with a Voodoo Rush card, up to what I have now.

      Though not really a console person I did have a NES, a Dremcast, Xbox (now all in the bin or sold) and now just stick with my gamecube.

      Favorite games where Frontier Elite 2 on the Amiga (and Pc), Liberation (Amiga), Batman the caped crusader (C64 – I was only about 10), and lucasarts adventure games (PC and Amiga)

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      My first computer I ever played was an atari of some kind, think it was a 2600. The game was empire strikes back and you could fly under the legs of the AT-AT’s (best bit and since repeated on rogue squadron 2 many many times) and blow them up.
      The first one I owned was the C64 (I still have it somewhere) the best game for that was new zealand story (godly platform goodness).
      Since the good ol days Ive owned plenty of consoles and far too many games. And finished pretty much them all(some of the C64 games where kinda impossible though).
      I have now – X-Box, gamecube, PC, GBA, Atari Lynx, N64, PC
      Owned – C64, SNES, GB, GBC

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      Game I remember most on my C64 is Silent Service – I used to swear they’d got some sort of proggy to make the tape player sound like a sub diesel, LOL![/quote:d643fba2a7]

      I always wanted that, but could never find it! Was it disk only? I remember seeing an ad for it in the manual of Microprose Gunship. Remember Gunship? With its 10 minute loads per mission and its blisteringly fast vector graphics?

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      No, tape – could never afford the FDD :oops: .

      I remember Gunship on the Amiga (or was it the 520ST I played it on?).

      Been a propellerhead (PC, really) since the days of F29 Retaliator on the Amiga :wink:

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      I grew up in the U.S. so my first commercially available system was the Atari 2600, in 1986 (ish).

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      Well, I dunno how you guys can remember all that stuff, personally the details are all a bit blurry.
      Essentially, I am a 100% PC boy. Never had a console, never will (OK, my mum bought a GBA for my sis, but still).

      I think my first contact with “computers” was at my nanny’s house. She had an Atari 2600, and I remember playing Pong for hours and hours…
      I also remember playing this “shoot the clouds” sort of game (in 4 colours). I must have been 5 or 6 at the time, maybe younger.

      Then I was 9, my school had Thomson MO5 (and later a TO7) and a teacher came specially to teach us computer skills. We have this big scientific thing in France, I’m not sure why, but anyway, the idea was that by learning LOGO on those machines it would develop our logic skills. Then I discovered the beast also had games… (I was in the Computer club)

      Mmh, around the same time, I had a friend who had a Amstrad CPC464. I remember we would go to his house, put the tape in the drive, then go and have a “gouter” (a 4 o’clock dessert sorta thing) for 20 minutes, then come back and start to play. Until another level had to be loaded. We absolutely loved it :)

      Around the same time (still 9 years old), my dad bought himself a Victor PC II (apparently, the brand was originally called Sirius, but I clearly remember the logo with “Victor” on it instead of Sirius).

      And so up to this very day, I have had a PC of some sort in my house.
      I remember drilling ten floppies with a driller so I could transform a 512k into a 1.4M, or bragging how my machine had 4 Megs of RAM, without which I couldn’t have played the revolutionary Comanche.

      I remember playing a cool cannonball game on an Apple II with my German exchange student in her house, I remember watching demos and porn on the Amiga we had in the computer club in high school, or playing F16 Fighting Falcon with a friend, one being the pilot and the other guy the copilot operating the plethora of keys necessary to do anything…

      yeah, lotsa memories :roll:

      Wish the games had increased in quality as much as the machines have.

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      Played arcade games prior to my first home system which I bought in 1982. It was a Sinclair Spectrum 16k – took it straight back and paid extra for the 48k version.
      First games I bought were the adventure game The Hobbit and a game called Dictator (a management sim where you played the part of a banana republic dictator).

      Edit: Just remembered the FIRST computer game I actually played was Lunar Lander on the school teletype computer terminal which must have been somewhere in the region of 25+ years ago :shock:

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      Ah first experience of gaming was the C64. God there were so many great games for it, even if there was always a constant stream of movie tie-ins released.
      FAVE GAME: Flimbos Quest

      After that I went mobile with my Game Boy which was then replaced by its smaller GB brethern when my original one finally bit the bullet.
      FAVE GAME: Zelda: Links Awakening | Mystic Quest | Mario World | Wario World

      SNES came next as did the “rental” period where I was going through games on a weekly basis. :D
      Fave Games: WAAAAAAAY too many!

      After that there was abit of a lull as I never went “next-gen” instead opting for the PC route. First machine was a Gateway G6-233 which I still use as my retro machine.
      FAVE GAME: Half-Life

      Now I have my new gaming beast which will hopefully keep me going for the few years! :D
      Fave Game: Half-Life 2 (that said I’ve only played that and PoP & PoP: WW)

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      Anyone remember that ad for the Atari 7800?

      “Only 50 BUCKS!…………….50 BUCKS???”


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      1. Atari 800XL home computer.
      2. Amstrad CPC 464 with colour monitor.
      3. Megadrive
      4. Megadrive c/w MegaCD
      5. Amiga.
      6. SNES
      7. Playstation.
      8. N64
      9. PS2
      10. GameCube
      11. GBA
      12. PC at last.

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      The fun is back oh yes sir-e
      Its the 2600 from A-tar-ee

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      I remember playing one of those old pong games when I was about 4 or 5 – no idea what make but I remember it had a very tasteful wooden veneer finish! My cousins the got a ZX spectrum and that just blew me away. They were typing in some machine code listing from a part work game programming magazine called Input. They spent all day typing it in and when they finished you could drive a crappy tank sprite around the screen and fire little bullets. Amazing! So I was hooked from then on, bought a 16k speccy and started programming that when I was 7 or so. Eventually upgraded to a 48k spectrum, followed by a C64 and then a bunch of Amigas eventually moving on to PCs. First game to really grab me was Light Cycles on the spectrum, the AI was really good and difficult to beat and I couldn’t figure out how it was done. Some Speccy games I remember well from around then were Chaos (bunch of wizards fighting each other), head over heels, deathchase, Horace and the spiders. Gunship on the C64 was pretty ace too.
      Gone all misty eyed here I am…

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