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    I have recently got rid of my PC and am in the market for a decent spec, semi affordable (2000 – euro) gaming laptop now that im back in colllege studying games. I like PC games and have mainly PC games, so basically I want to play my games, on a laptop, sorry, notebook as they call them.
    I have scoped out machines from dell (pretty neat) and alienware (very very very expensive).
    Another laptop that has come to my attention is the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo range, pretty good specs and it seems performance to boot.

    I was wondering if you , the all knowing denizens of ths board, have any suggestions ? Anyone already use a laptop for gaming ?

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    What size drives are in it , is the link an exact spec of the machine.
    I might not be that interested, however , I know someone who might be :)

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    No – that’s not an exact spec of the machine. It’s mostly accurate, but I’ll Private Message you (or mail, if you give me an address?) the complete spec.

    Actually PM sucks – it’s only 1000 characters limit – have you got an e-mail address?
    If you don’t want to post here, you can mail me at this address:


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    Very intersting links man, cheers for the info. Where did you buy your laptop from when you got it ?

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    I bought mine direct from Prostar. I just called them up, and got them to ship it to me. I was doing some work in Boston at the time, so it was perfect.

    You’ll need to be in the states for this to work; they only accept American credit cards, and only ship to USA (at least, thats the way it used to be).
    Also, you have to be careful – not every Prostar is the same as an Alienware – it’s a question of doing the research and finding the good ones.

    It’s a different story in Europe though. Tech here is just very expensive across the board, and if you want good stuff you have to be prepared to pay a lot for it; that’s just the way it is.

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    I just bought a Fujitsu Siemens AMillo A, beautiflu machine and very affordable. AMD chip (you really want these for gaming, check out hard ocp and ars technica for a lot of articles comparing AMD/Intel for gaming), and a mobility 9700 graphics ship, which is fantastic, runs FarCry with everything on medium, and Half Life 2 with most things on high. Nice widescreen too.

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    They seem to be very good laptops all right, price is pretty good as well. I was thinking of the D version (P4 w/ht) and 1 GB ram as well. Might be a fun purchase.

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    Just got myself the perfect gaming lappie…

    …a Tosh 300CT for 50 yoyos, with a working battery.

    8 years old, 133 MMX, 64 RAM, 1.5 HDD :D

    16:9 screen :eek:

    (just needed something to get all those old DOS games running again)

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    I’m thinking of getting a laptop sometime this year, more than likely the latter part because I have to build myself a new PC before that!

    But I will be using mine mainly for graphics stuff, so I can work on stuff on the bus etc. So I will have to go for a pretty high spec one with a lot of ram and a good graphics card. Pretty similar to a gaming setup really.
    They can be expensive little buggers though!

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    Last time I was at Discreet SF, they were working on 3DS builds with IBM TP R-series :eek:

    T’was quite weird to see such grunt out of the little wafer-thin lappies!

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    256MB ATI Radeon 9800 ???
    Where did you manage to select that option ? I cant find it on the website http://www.dell.ie ?

    Pretty cool all right !!!

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    Is there an order code you have to give them on the phone to get this offer ?

    Thats a very highly rated laptop, with the extra crunch of that card it would be excellent.
    How much was the whole bundle in the end ?

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    Aaa, sterling ?
    Ill give it a shot, but im sure they will get me on the cost of the card alone :)

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