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    Can anyone recommend a good GBA game that I could play 10-15 stints of ?
    Probably some sort of 2d puzzler ?

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    Got AW2.
    Was thinking of something quicker to play.

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    Wario Ware?

    Is that out on the GBA? I saw one of the lads playing it awhile back and it looked pretty pick up ‘n play…

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    Wario Ware?

    Is that out on the GBA? I saw one of the lads playing it awhile back and it looked pretty pick up ‘n play…[/quote:f7f17c17a5]yep… it’s on GBA and really suits the platform

    perfect solution to Omen’s query, I reckon

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    wait for wario ware:twisted….meant to be the best of the lot. think it meant to be out soon. speaking of which, I just picked up wario ware:touched…tis very good, but no way as good as the original gba

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    What about Metal Slug Advance? great game, but pretty pricey still uness you can find it second hand. My two cents.

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    Good old Mario World and/or Mario Kart!!!

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    Yeah, something like Wario would be perfect, but I’ve played that too.

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    If you’re looking somthing to last a while
    Fire Emblem 1 and 2
    Golden Sun
    Advance Wars 1 and 2
    final fantasy tactics advance
    zelda: minish cap

    pickup and play stuff
    wario ware
    zooo (puzzle game out a few weeks ago, pretty addictive)

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    if you want a good 2D puzzle….

    it’s quick to understand, addictive and it’s free :D well you need a flash cart though…

    Question: what does mean “could play 10-15 stints of” ?

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    Question: what does mean “could play 10-15 stints of” ?[/quote:ce3df1313b]
    d’oh, sorry. 10-15 minutes play at a time. Want something to do during full compiles.
    rpg’s don’t fit what i’m looking for ( and I’ve played most of them :) )
    wario – played
    zoo keeper – its a web game, i’m not paying for it!
    atomix – think i played that back in uni.

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    This is a fully realized rendition of the #1 PC and console hit. [/quote:fb0484cadc]
    *Looks at the screenshot*


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    Astroboy is pretty good, its a tenner in game at the minute, you can play through it multiple times and its hard as a rock in some places.

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    I used to play Ecks vs Server alot, always wanted to try Ecks vs Server 2…

    2d Puzzler… ummm, Wario Ware is a quick kind of puzzler, also Super Monkey Ball got good reviews a while back…

    Ive always wanted Zelda The Minish Cap… but never got round to buyin it…

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    Mr Driller 2!!!!!!

    Excellent little character puzzle game : D

    Maybe you’ve played it but , anyway, you dig a pathway down through a formation of coloured blocks (prebuilt in a Tetris-sy way), try not to get squashed as the blocks above you drop into new positions and collect air along the way to the bottom (else turn blue and die in as cute a way possible)

    Very challenging and fast paced. twitchy like Monkeyball but not nearly as stressful

    It’s the bees knees

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    Indeed, I have Mr. Driller for the PC and its always good for a quick break in between coding sessions!

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    check out Ultimate Arcade Games when its released sometime later this month / early oct… a bunch of ‘retro’ styled games for quick pick up and play appeal… a few random graphics in it by me 8) – check out this link in it for more details http://gameboy.ign.com/articles/638/638940p1.html

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