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    Aphra K
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    What about a “Most Argumentative User” award……..will give me a chance to win something………please?

    Newbie Award:
    hmmmm……..r_mc_gowan or beans_w, would get my vote.

    Salmon of Knowledge:

    Gd person/group of the year:
    IGDA – Ireland

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    how come you’re thinking of narrowing it down to 3 awards, Aphra?

    Reason I ask is I really liked the Humour Awards… and a ‘most useful post’ might be a good way to encourage constructive discussion, etc.

    just a thought

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    Good to see that the awards are back. Though I’d have to agree with Tony on this one. If anything I’d hope that we can introduce more awards over the years rather than cut them down.

    Now that we have a newbie award perhaps we could have an award for a member who has contributed to the community for a good length of time. There are a good few who could scoop that and it would make for an interesting contest. :)

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    I agree with the guys, 3 awards isn’t exactly going to make for a 4 hour Oscar ceremony is it?

    I think a few more awards would be nice…..
    Like Ronny said, there is a best newbie award, so why not a best “Veteran” award also?

    On a side note, for the Salmon of Knowledge award what about simply mounting a tin of John Wests finest on a nice plywood base? We could spray the base gold for the fancypants out there if necessary….

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    I can see Aphra’s point though on the stamina & sprint awards… just think they should be replaced with more worthwhile (?) contenders…

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    Aphra K

    I take your points….just stamina and sprint were defined badly I thought last year… and for stamina it risked being the same person every year getting the award!!

    also we are going to have a new companies slot so the evening will not just be the awards this year but we will have 2-3 recently established companies talking about their plans. That should help us to get to meet some of the new folk and put faces to names..

    watch the news section for the full announcement…


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    I really like the sound of the new companies slot. Would give us a chance to listen to their plans in an informal, intimate(steady…..) setting.
    Great idea!

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    how about instead of a stamina award where it could be won by the same person every year, a kind of “hall of fame” award for continuous involvment in the community. Once you win it once, you can’t win it again, cos you’re already in the “hall of fame”.
    Newbie is a good replacement for sprint. Think it should allow for involvment of anyone new to the communittee within the last 12 months rather than 6.

    If location permits video to be shown, perhaps a montage of work done by community could be put to together?

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    some really good ideas there, Omen

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    Aphra K

    video/DVD of work could be interesting…but who would like to volunteer to co-ordinate that and how would we decide what would go in it?


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    Maybe getting a famous actor or singer in to give the awards would be a good idea?

    Or both, like David Hassle… erm, no, very bad idea actually.

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    In order to make a DVD/VHS of the past year, won’t we need quite a bit of actual footage taken from various events etc from the past year?

    Is there any out there?

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    awards thing sounds good.

    hall of fame would be cool for all awards.

    Also award for most amount of pointless posts? haha

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    The only problem with awards like that Peter, is there would be far to many nominees….. :p

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    Aphra K

    mal in fancy dress…I like it..

    I think Omen’s point was to have some mini show reels, not footage of events…am I right ?

    We could use the screen to project work as people networked and have a drink..


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    Yeah, I was thinking of mini-show reels from the movers-and-shakers in the country to show off how people are getting on. As you wouldn’t won’t to bore people, maybe under a minute long for each company.

    Aphra, using it as a background while networking would be really nice actually!

    Although, organising it would be a pain in the ass. :(

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    Rather than Hall of Fame award name it

    “The David Hasselhoff Award For Outstanding Achievement”

    Then we could sing ‘looking for freedom’:

    I made a lot of dues
    had plenty to lose
    travelling across the land
    Worked on a farm,
    got some muscle in my arms
    but still I’m not a self-made man
    I feel the run for many years to come
    I’ll be searching door to door
    And given some time
    some day I’m gonna find
    the freedom (freedom, freedom) I’ve been searching for[/quote:a23969c292]

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    Ahh, now I get ya! Great idea, so who is bringing the plasma TV then? :p

    I would be good though, if your talking to somebody and they can simpy referance whats playing on the TV…..

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    Aphra K

    but we will need someone to co-ordinate that.

    I won’t have time cause I have a few others things to do – like awards, name badges, food, invites etc..!!

    any volunteers?


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    I presume there will be a TV + DVD available to us in The Digital Hub?
    If so then all we need is someone to “collect” the companies reels and compile them into a DVD. So we need someone with:

    1. A DVD burner.
    2. Broadband – Unless the companies send the reels on a CD to the person doing this.
    3. Some basic video editing skills?

    I am willing to do this, once the companies in question can send me the reels on CD, seeing as downloading them on my 56k isn’t an option.
    I don’t have any experience creating DVDs though, but it shouldn’t prove too much of a problem, I have some DVD creation software that came with my burner – it could be crap though.
    I do have experience with video editing and the like.

    If there is anyone else who is a bit more saavy with regards to creating DVDs and has broadband then they would probably be better suited to this, otherwise, I’m willing to give it a bash.

    Edit: One other thing….name badges? So will they have our real names and our usernames on them? ;)

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    Aphra K

    I thought both – nicknames and real names…but people can opt only for real names if they wish…

    thanks for offering to help re DVD..a lot of folk are away at GDC this week so there may be more suggestions on that next week..


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