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      came accross this on 1up

      How do you get more women to play games? According to Sony Online Entertainment and The Art Institute, the answer is relatively simple: get more women making games. Thus last night’s announcement of the new G.I.R.L. (Gamers In Real Life) scholarship program.

      SOE decided to implement this program based on results from a survey answered by female students currently enrolled in videogame design programs at the Art Institute. This survey showed that over half of the females enrolled in these programs (61 percent, to be exact) view male dominance in the gaming industry as a deterrent to women seeking employment. Similarly high numbers said they want to see more female leadership and want to create games tailored to women themselves. Of course, this survey is based on data from only 53 people who completed the survey, so needless to say it may not speak for everyone.

      The scholarship itself is rather nice but has a rigorous requirement process. In order to apply, a student must currently be enrolled at an Art Institute school and must submit an in-game design, concept art, and two essays. The single student who wins the scholarship will get $10,000 toward their tuition as well as a paid internship of up to 10 weeks at one of the Sony Online Entertainment studios.

      To celebrate the new initiative, SOE showcased a group of female developers who are currently working on The Agency, SOE’s upcoming PC and PS3 spy MMO. This included Sherry Floyd, the game’s producer, SOE Director of Global Brand Marketing Laura Naviaux, and designer Tracy Seamster. The panel was introduced by SOE Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing Torrie Dorrell, who related her story of discovering gaming as a child and was adamant that a hardcore female gamer populace exists and is thriving.

      Curiously, despite the focus on females at the event and in the announcement, the press release for the G.I.R.L. scholarship actually seems to suggest that you don’t need to be female to apply. This was not mentioned by any of the SOE representatives during the event itself.

      The scholarship application process will officially open on April 1, with a deadline of May 31. You can check out SOE’s full press release regarding the G.I.R.L. scholarship as well as further information on applying when apps are open on their G.I.R.L. website. [/quote:e5ca960af3]


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      Aphra K

      thanks I will pass it on to the Women in Games crew….


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