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    I guess we could chuck GDC news in one thread….

    CONFIRMED: PS3 to Ship with HDD

    Is it really true? Start saving now…

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    Nvidia, Havok Team For GPU-Powered Physics Solution

    Looks like a bit of bad news for the standalone card from Ageia…

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    Took the words right out of my mouth, different article however…

    NVIDIA and Havok Demonstrate World’s First GPU-Powered Game Physics Solution at Game Developer’s Conference

    Very interesting really but also very worrying for the folks over at Aegia. :?

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    The system was bound to be expensive, you are getting a Bluray player after all and they alone players are going for around 999 dollars… Can’t imagine the PS3 will come with DVD upscaling though.

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    Start buying tickets for the Euro Millions now…

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    I guess we could chuck GDC news in one thread….

    CONFIRMED: PS3 to Ship with HDD

    Is it really true? Start saving now…[/quote:84c1e9ef75]

    “We [SCEE] didn’t confirm it, but it was confirmed at the media briefing by Ken Kutaragi. It’s a fully upgradable, 60 gig hard drive that will come pre-packaged with the system.”

    That’s not news.

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    Sony Confirms PS3 Presence On Show Floor:

    PlayStation 3 kiosks, showcasing the latest hardware and development tools for the next-generation console including Unreal Engine, COLLADA, PlayStation Graphics Library (PSGL) and performance analysis tools.

    Playable PSP and PS2:

    Playable titles, demonstrations of games that highlight the new and unique features of the PlayStation platforms. Games confirmed by Sony to appear in the booth include PS2 and PSP titles including Tourist Trophy, Loco Roco, and Me and My Katamari.

    Yay, Loco Roco!

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    MotorStorm Pimpage, sorry I have to be biased about our game…

    Compared to the E3 presentation, the game looked surprisingly like its promise. The game featured buggies and motorcycles running through a rugged desert. The game’s advanced new mud physics were incredible, leaving ruts behind in the mud using real physics. For example, a motorcycle was seen cutting a deep groove in the mud while kicking up muck at a white truck following it. The particle effects, however, were not nearly that level, looking a little temporary at this stage.

    This ought to be a good acid test for crowd reaction – apparently a real-time MotorStorm demo is on display. MotorStorm was one of the most controversial of the E3 videos last year, but early reports from our man (yes, it is a man) suggest that there’s plenty of mud flying around and dust going everywhere, HDR effects and highly detailed visuals. Hmm, mud-slinging… Wheels leave wet mud trails which are persistent, says Harrison; as they dry out, they change the contours of the ground and mess with your suspension realistically. Vehicles get dirty from the mud, with wet spray that dries over time (it’s all very hair-drier-fun-time, isn’t it?), and, naturally, we’re to expect more at E3.

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    AGEIA PhysX Launch – GDC Event Coverage

    Not a full blown review yet but some more tasty news on what, imho could be “the next big thing” in PC Hardware..

    (Man, I need to get out more…)


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    “The first thing we saw was a real-time gameplay demo of a buggy. The buggy looked good, but this is where disappointment kind of set in. It sort of looked… eh. It’s a work-in-progress though, but we couldn’t help but think Smuggler’s Run… at least, until they started showing off what makes the title sweet.

    As the buggy made its curves around this massive mud field, you could see how the tires would carve into the ground, wet mud kicking up. The mud actually didn’t look all that good as it kicked up, but the carves looked fantastic and realistic. They even slowed the buggy down and showed how each tire moved independently when going over these curves. Great stuff!”


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    A couple of new bits of news…

    Revolution to play Genesis, TurboGrafx games

    CryTek 2 Engine

    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)
    News to me…


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    Some videos of PS3 games from GDC:


    Was a bit worried about this after reading some reports, but I think it looks fantastic! The dynamics and environment interaction really look superb. A common complaint seemed to be the particles weren’t very nicely textured and that this stuck out a little, but I’d say that’s nothing a little TLC can’t sort out.


    Kind of amazing they’re doing their cloud rendering on the CPU, with a ray-tracer, before mixing it with the GPU’s frame. They do look quality, properly volumetric with brilliant lighting and shadowing.

    Ratchet & Clank (Just stunning):

    Lair (Ditto, the modelling is crazy):

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    I’m baised but I think MotorStorm looks great, pity all the stuff on the web is low quality.

    The Getaway looks nice too, but I’m not interested in it :p

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    Yeah, the media quality is pretty terrible, but it’s nice to see the core physics that was in the E3 trailer present. But trust me, the most common complaint, particularly among those who were actually attending, is the particles! Not the dynamics of the particles, but their rendering – apparently that wasn’t as nice as the E3 CG suggested. That’s my critical feedback, hehe :wink:

    I think the terrain deformation is awesome. I can imagine the mud hardening, and then it raining and getting soft and deformable again. Maybe that’s going a bit too far, I don’t know. I love the way the mud seems to stick on the tyres also. It seems to be at a fairly advanced state too, the number of vehicles flying around at the end of the demo was promising.

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