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    Well, what do y’all think?

    Feasible or utter madness, reviews, interviews with members/developers, devs can keep fans uptodate, new content seen here first kinda thing! day in the life of! video tuts.


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    Can’t imagine anyone would have the free time to do it…

    (although I may have alot of free time soon…..)

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    It’s feasible at least on a small scale. Brainstorm some features; look over and select the best and easiest to implement; decide what’s involved; organise time, place, people and equipment needed; do the filming; edit it; at the very least, we could offer them as downloadables on this site; if we get enough good stuff together we could try to get RTE to play it on air.

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    If RTE show Fair City then we wouldnt need too high of a standard and they’ll lap it up but then they would want some git who’s been on the Late Late Toy Show to host it…

    As for hosting on gd, who’d pay for the bandwidth, bandwidth isn’t like money it doesnt grow on trees!!

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    Unfortunately as a programmer I don’t know my media arse from my media elbow, I can’t even get RTE out here in the hills, but a poss could be small downloadable content (2 mins or so) or set up a streamer, I would be happy to host stuff, have a linux server doing nothing at the min

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    do a podcast.. seems like everyone is grasping onto this technology.

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    Maybe something like a monthly news letter would be a bit more realistic to start with.

    People writing articles and some one editing it and sending it out on a monthly mailing list in pdf or html format is a lot more possible than trying to get people together and film interviews etc…

    It would be affordable to do, as in anybody with notepad could type up their article and send it on to said editor, instead of all the equipment, software, and transport costs involve in filming interviews.

    the newsletter could be set as voluntary to start with until it eventually became something bigger to warrant its own website and employed staff. Only then could you consider the likes of webcasts and streaming videos.

    I don’t mean to be a “nay sayer” but in my opinion a monthly webcast would be something to work up to, not begin with.

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    A newsletter does sound a much more realistic plan. Maybe get members to write articles on their specialised area, more so then just a games review. I’d be more interested in hearing what other members are doing and planning rather then if a game was a hit or a miss.

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    That sounds a hell of a lot better than sending vids in

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    *imagines Road Trip type situation with his submission*

    No…no that won’t do at all… :D

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    Yeah….sure you can take the car….! :(

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    Newsletter – that sounds alot more achievable….may be tough to keep coming up with content as people usually lose interest.

    (jaaaaysus I have to be pessimistic on everything)

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    surly there are enough people here to keep it up for a while. And if it gets noticed there should be more to draw from.

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    Well, I already have a bit of material about games and IP… nothing to shout home about, but it’s a start. And could provide a comment on Sony’s ongoing PSP cases and that kind of stuff or the now-fabled ‘690 case, since I’m already involved/doing that to an extent for the IGDA’s IP SIG :)

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    GDie Sounds good. I know the IDEAS-Factory team up with Channel4 to showcase some British New Media Talent late at night, no harm in having a sit-down with RTE’s Noel Curran (a civil guy, always on the lookout for fresh ideas), and seeing what he thinks.

    Great way for groups to attract Venture Capitalists onboard too…

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