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    Well since the European Ds launch is imminent, i think it would be a good idea if we found out who plans to get one on launch. Also what games do you plan to get?

    I have mine a good 5 weeks now and can personally say that im highly impressed.

    Is anyone planning to cue on friday morning or have you pre-booked one to avoid the madness?

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    I don’t think I have ever gotten a console at launch. I don’t buy into the hype, I wait a while and see how it goes and then decide.
    Thats not to say I am not excited about the DS, but I’m going to hold out a month or two like I always do!

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    think ill hold out for the psp.

    some good line up games,

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    PSP? Bah…..overpriced piece of crud…. :p

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    Lol Noopti,

    My thoughts exactly :) Sony… Grrrrr

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    well its going to have better titles, i reckon. more aimed at 17-30 age group than nintendos classic 7-15 age group. ds will still churn out the old mario\wario\luigi titles.

    not to say psp will not churn out crash bandicoot 5\6(whatever there on now) along with other sony games? its just you wont have to buy them.

    nintendo ip though you have to, because the amount of their ip which is available for the DS. How many more renditions of mario can they make? in fact isnt the DS mario called mario 64 DS. if so there not even trying to do it that subtly now.

    As for the price tag on the psp, i agree it is a bit high. Although i would imagine it wont be for long like everything else something else will come along.

    however i suspect ill probably pick up the 2 over the coming year :)

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    Well, I’ve been off the boards a long time now but I had to pitch in with my support for the DS. I was seriously tempted to splash out at launch but luckily my girlfriend stepped in an ordered one for me :-)

    I’ll be picking it up tomorrow! Yay!

    As for the PSP. I won’t go near it. I’ve had a gameboy advance and know the sinking “I’ve played all these games before” feeling as you browse the catalog. I don’t want to fall victim to what I now politely refer to as Sony’s “re-release” schedule.

    I’ve played the DS a little bit and the sheer potential for original content is astounding . I can’t wait, it’s a long time since I was as excited about something like this, actually the last time was the N64 – with it’s use of analog and rumble packs! You’ve gotta love the imagination of those Nintendo guys!


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    well come one, nintendo are the worst culprits of “re-release”.

    most of their characters can be traced back to late 80’s.take a look at the bulk of the launch titles.

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    Nintendo can keep “churning” out Mario games, because they all invariably rule!

    The way I see it, the DS is a games device with the extra functionality of networking etc. The PSP seems to be trying to do too much, music, movies, games etc.
    UMD movies? C’mon….I laugh everytime I think about it. If anyone forks out for a movie they can only watch on their PSP they are a fool….I’m sorry. :p

    Nintendo will do what they do best, create good hardware, and good games for that hardware.

    And so, another DS thread decends into a DS vs PSP debate. Why does this always happen, I personally blame the PSP.


    well come one, nintendo are the worst culprits of “re-release”.
    most of their characters can be traced back to late 80’s.take a look at the bulk of the launch titles.[/quote:c1a07060d1]

    Thats not re-releases, that’s character franchises!

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    haha. DS vs psp

    i agree with the umd thing, but thats just extra functionality.

    as for nintendo “Nintendo will do what they do best, create good hardware, and good games for that hardware.”

    did they use dvd in their console, allowing players to watch movie as well? xbox and ps2 did and they destroyed the gamecube sales as a consequence. fatal flaw from day 1 in the console in my opinion. instead they went for a yahamma GD-Drive

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    But that proves the point that Nintendo are focused on 1 thing. Quality games. They didnt include a dvd player because they are not a multimedia company.

    Sure, the gamecube is in decline and i reckon your point has something to do with it, but it hasnt stopped Nintendo from releasing quality games on it. They care about their fans and they do what they set out to do. “Create quality games for their quality console”.

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    I will be the first to admit that Nintendo are the masters of making irrational decisions, like the example you mentioned above.

    But just because they didn’t provide DVD playback doesn’t mean they don’t create excellent game hardware.
    Sony have to be the worst for hardware, Emotion Engine? If the “emotion” is crying in agony during spasms of drug induced fits, then yes, the “emotion” engine is exactly that.
    At least they are getting in the professionals for the PS3, like Nvidia.

    I personally see the PSP as a mish-mash of differant functions put together in a nice shiny black thing, with a dogdy button or two.
    It doesn’t seem to have the coherant design and functionality as the DS.
    I could be proved wrong though….and I will be the first to admit it if I am.

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    Reasoning behind Nintendo’s decision to not use DVDs…do you know anyone who’s cracked a gamecube game ???
    Sure, production costs are higher because of it and the decision probably worked against them, but pirate wise, they rock!

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    Yeah, good point on the pirating issue. Although I think they would have still been better off using a standard media format.

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    Myself and my girlfriend both pre-ordered a DS each with a copy each of Mario 64 DS, a copy of wario ware and a copy of Mr driller.
    I’ve only got to try one out instore but I definitely think it’s going to appeal to a lot of people who don’t normally play games.

    As for the PSP, I can’t see why people would buy games they already have on the PS2 and movies they already have on DVD. Not to mention the fact that the console actually seems to be some sort of rudimentary firearm.

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    well i actually do a number of people in uni who use the star online crack \ftp to boot discs.

    as for protection i dont know if that was their sole motive.
    i suspect not, as it didnt stop ms and sony putting in dvds. piracy on ps2 and xbox i would imagine is small potatoes to them, except of course asia where you buy most ps2 chipped. but with the law change in the uk regarding ps2 modchipping, this is really cracking down on it.

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    I’ve pre-ordered a DS with Mario 64 DS and WarioWare. I’m really excited about getting it. I’ve only played it briefly in-store but it’s enough to make me buy it.

    As for getting consoles on the day of release, I usually do. If not that day then within a couple of weeks. The only console I waited a few months on was the PS2.
    I do get caught up in the hype and feel I have to have it straight away. Its because my dad always got me and my sisters the consoles or games we wanted as soon as we asked, the only reason he did that though was cause he wanted them too.

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    As for the PSP, I can’t see why people would buy games they already have on the PS2[/quote:8be6b9a0f5]
    Sony said from the start that the PSP wasn’t supposed to be a console that only had PS2 games on it, however to get lots of games out for launch, they had no choice due to the time restraints. I reckon in the future Sony will probably release a lot more non-ps2 games on it but for now, you’ll have to make do.

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    I have one.

    It’s good.

    An unusual experience too.

    I’m sure the PSP will be a different experience.

    What I really like about it so far is that it has that “pick up and play at any time” feel. Oddly this suits Mario 64 very well.

    Have to admit I was a little disappointed with the texturing – very Playstationy looking.

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    OMG. Thats what ive been waiting to here.

    Simply can not wait.

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    oh and Nintendo Revolution has been also been confirmed to bt Wi-fi enabled out of the box. What else has Ninty got up its sleeves? Oh and check out the new Legend of Zelda Trailer. Gasp!


    Nintendo, you own me.

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    Myself and my girlfriend both pre-ordered a DS each with a copy each of Mario 64 DS, a copy of wario ware and a copy of Mr driller. [/quote:2fd6055714]

    You don’t need the 2 Marios, there’s no extra functionality in multiplayer with 2 cartridges instead of one (unless you’re competing with each other 2 see who’ll finish story mode first :D).

    Get ready for Pictochat with your GF, though… ;)

    Re. the disclosed online thing and DS vs PSP – I think I can just see an “Xbox Live vs PS2’s abortive online attempts” developing in the online handheld arena, here.

    In other words, Nintendo own gameplay -that is de facto, not fanboyism- and with the (finally) added out-of-box WiFi wireless networking aptitude of forthcoming DS releases (as opposed to merely short-range Ni-Fi), this debate is going to become much, much more interesting…….particularly when the next online-enabled Pokemon title is released: that is probably going to be the biggest noise this year at retail, methinks.

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    I always wondered what use pictochat would have……now I know, now I know……

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    Just went up this morning and got ours. Pictochat is excellent :cool:
    I’m actually scared to start playing it, probably best to do some work and try and resist temptation.

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    Its Friday….nobody works on a Friday.

    *looks around at work collegues*

    erm…I better get back to work then…..

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    yeah i must say mario kart online would be cool. is it going to be free to connect to these games i wonder? or will they start to charge like square did for final fantasy Xi and so many other mmorpg?

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    haha….I’d forgotten about Reggie! He was a class act at E3 2004……remember all the hype after his speech. Pure brilliance!

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    As I was expecting, the PSP’s not going to be out here until about June now.

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    Some great quotes:


    “I’ll tell ya this, when we launch Revolution, we will have great franchise games: Mario, Zelda, Metroid. We will also launch new franchises. Because what you’re saying is true. I think any consumer is looking for something new, and for great as Mario is, when it’s the hundredth Mario game, it could be perceived as old. Even if it’s highly innovative, and so yes, we’re hard at work on new franchises and things that will excite the current gamer. ”

    “The new period that we’re about to get into with Sony entering the space, it’s gonna be highly competitive. Highly competitive. (Leans forward, deepens voice) And I’m a highly competitive person. And so are we gonna be playing this game for keeps? Absolutely. Are we working hard to create great first-party games? Absolutely. Are we working hard to cultivate the best of third-party development? Absolutely.”

    “I will grant you that GameCube was not a sexy device. (laughs) But you know what? We’re smart people, we learn from our mistakes. I will bet you a drink at the bar of your choice, that Revolution will be a very sexy device. ”

    So I hear the comment of “Hey, how do you make sure that the Nintendo image gets pushed in a proper way?” So that we’re perceived as cool, “with it,” “gotta have it,” I hear ya. And we’re working on it.



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    i thought psp was april 26th? thats when amazon.co.uk and alot of retailers are saying.

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    i thought psp was april 26th? thats when amazon.co.uk and alot of retailers are saying.[/quote:d4ed4436cd]

    Oh, you optomistic people.
    Retailers are guessing at that date. Latest news says retailers don’t have a clue and they’re guessing maybe june.


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    GI: A lot of GameCube owners wanted online, but instead they got the focus of connectivity. A lot of games wanted an analog stick on the next Nintendo portable, and they didn’t get it. And, there hasn’t been a new Smash Bros. title yet, and that’s the best-selling game on the GameCube. We’re all for innovation and creativity, but why not give gamers what they really want?

    RFA: That’s a fair question. I’d love to see the next Smash Bros. come out on any platform. I hear the point, too, on the analog stick versus the D-pad on the DS, but there are some technical reasons why those things happen. But, I’ll say this. I do think that part of what I bring to the company is a focus on listening to consumer and bringing them what they want. If you look at what we did on the DS, for example, launching prior to the Thanksgiving Day rush versus being second or third into the market after a Japanese launch was the right thing to do for the Western marketplace. The pricing was right and the pack-in of Metroid Prime: Hunters was the right thing to do. I think that this is one area where the Nintendo fans needs trust us in that we’re going to be doing more and more of what’s right for the gamer. And again, I think you’ll see a bit of that during Iwata-san’s speech.


    i love this, reggie says heres the technical reasons for no analog stick and smash brothers yet answers neither and goes off on a rant about the launch of ds?

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    Breaking news:

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    Check out Iwata’s Keynote speech at GDC.

    It requires for you to have bit torrent installed.

    Some amazing stuff in there, check out Electroplankton. Just breathtaking. Also, Nintendogs also blew me away (techology wise! ;) It also includes the new Zelda trailer, Animal Crossing DS, and lots about Revolution. Roll on E3!

    Oh i got Wario Ware, Polarium and Asphault Gt Turbo to add to Mario and Project Rub. They are all so far lots of fun. Asphault doesnt deserve they abuse its gotten in reviews. Its good, pure arcade racing.

    Everyone just drop what your doing and go to Game or wherever and pick up a DS. Go now.

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    well i decided to jump on the psp i just preorder one with gt4.
    roll on march 23rd.

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    Well, now you don’t belong in our gang anymore. Leave at once!

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    ill probably get a ds at some stage but they’d want to make a few non nintendo titles or release a resident evil game.

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    roll on march 23rd.[/quote:2dceb6a15c]

    LOL…thats really quite funny!

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    whats funny about roll on march 23rd?

    thats the usa release date?

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    As far as i know the PSP will have region lock out enabled so you will have to buy all of your software from USA. I may be wrong but i also may be right! :)

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    nah its region free so they say.

    also the price of region games online are not far off down shops now..

    also it looks like ill be moving stateside for 4-5 months in august.
    so all good either way.

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    As long as you hop on the DS band wagon eventually, il quit arguing :)

    But seriously, you dont know what your missing.

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    well the umd will be region locked like using same scheme as dvd. but games will be universal.

    dont worry ill purchase a ds when there a title i want to play. i.e. resy or mario kart.

    sounds cool in multiplayer.

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    Listen, your not going to win in this one. You might as well cancel your PSP order, walk down to your nearest game and buy a DS.

    Go on…….go on now. Good lad.


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    hahah. keep it up and i wont buy one at all :-)

    and pray to the dark lords nintendo factory burns down and mario and the by’s have to move to sonys house. or worse onto microsoft. i heard a while back when the gamecube was doing badly (still is), that bill was contemplating trying to buy out nintendo and desolve them in xbox. im not sure how true(probably no ounce of truth), but it does soon like an ms thing to do.


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    and pray to the dark lords nintendo factory burns down [/quote:58eeed38b9]

    Ahem…..I AM the Dark Lord.
    Although I can’t back that up with paperwork……

    I wouldn’t mind if Nintendo were bought by MS as long as they were allowed total creative freedom in their games development. Total freedom.

    But its not gonn happen, Nintendo are an incredibly rich company and they can easily absorb poor GC sales.

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    whats funny about roll on march 23rd?
    thats the usa release date?[/quote:20ee283a98]
    Yeah, think I got confused :(

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    ” feeling as you browse the catalog. I don’t want to fall victim to what I now politely refer to as Sony’s “re-release” schedule.

    Thats rich, and Mario 64 Ds/Wario Ware/Pokemon Dash/ Tiger Woods are all new I suppose, DS is good but as far as software goes it certainly ain’t no innovator. Don’t point the finger at the Devil when you yourself are in his Pocket :)

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    oh, la-deee-daaaaa…… :p

    Ok, even if both the DS and PSP are re-releasing games at the least the DS itself is an innovation. Also, I think there is a greater chance of innovative, orginal software coming out on the DS than the mini Playstation, which is more or less what the PSP is.

    but as far as software goes it certainly ain’t no innovator[/quote:6a60d30979]
    Are you kidding me?

    WarioWare Touched
    Project Rub

    Are you saying that these aren’t innovative for handheld consoles?

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    Are you kidding me?

    WarioWare Touched
    Project Rub

    Are you saying that these aren’t innovative for handheld consoles? [/quote:ce72133550]

    Yes, and just because it’s on a Handheld doesn’t suddenly elevate it to ‘innovative’ status, WarioWare touched: done a 100 times before, only now you can manipulate the on screen action with a stilo, Project Rub-Novelty Value only. Pichochat: dear God, Polarium: probably the only one that is mildy ‘new’.

    I love Nintendo, but if you still think that they are innovating with these games then you are mistaken, they are simp,y old games in many cases with a ‘touch’ ability added.

    Poking a girl in Project Rub and removing items of clothing may be appealing to some but I for one see no value in such content, and I seem to remember an ability to poke some character and manipulate his face on a certain N64 game, which is used in Pokemon Dash, oddly enough.

    In the end, when put against the PsP the DS is innovative, but in the eyes of this consumer it’ll take more than an extra scree and a few ;poke me fast’ options to change my mind. In saying that Metroid did seem interesting, even if it is a port… surprise surprise.

    sigh, I remember the dasy when we used to get original software at launch. ;_;

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    Picked up the DS today, since I can safely buy imports and I can also play my GBA back catalog. Must say Im not overly impressed. I got

    WarioWare (not a huge fan)
    Mario 64 (Again will play for a while but probably never finish)
    Project Rub (Interesting but a pure novelty)
    Mr Driller (I like it old skool feel, very easy)
    Polarium (Still havnt played)

    All in all my sister is having more fun with it than me, but I know when mario kart comes out and a few titles here or there, it will get its use on the buses, planes and other such things.

    Now exactly wowed out of it, but heh!! I still dont feel robbed, maybe Im just not expecting anything from the games industry anymore…..

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    Not to piss on anyones parade, but what about palm pilots? They are handheld they use a stylus….

    And I remember a friend in college having one in college, and it featured some very cool games. It wasnt a palm, cant remember who it was by, but yeah some of the concepts were similar to that of those currently on the DS.

    Too be honest, both machines are going to recycle games, but does that matter, once they are quality games who really cares. And as for which is better, seriously neither. The money is better off in your pocket, but if you have to have one then go with the one that has the titles for you and stop brainwashing people.

    I remember this is exactly how my beloved Dreamcast failed. every second person denounced it saying it was shit. And every dreamcast person said it was innovative and unique games. Anyway now Im in a financial postion to buy whatever the hell I like. And it is not someone elses place to criticise why another purchased something or why they believe it to be better. They spent their cash on it, so I think they are entitled to their opinion.

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    Can we have some peace & quiet in this semi-professional and informed industry Forum, please?

    Let’s deal with (region-specific) facts –

    _The DS is out, the PSP is not
    _There is no tangible indication yet of when the PSP will be released in Europe
    _The PSP has hardwired region-coding, the DS has not
    _The PSP has only one (bigger) screen
    _There is no tangible indication of region (in)compatibilities yet for Wi-Fi play for either consoles (that’s WIFI, not ‘Ni-Fi’ in the case of the DS)
    _The vast majority of the PSP releases is material ported from PS2
    _The majority of the DS releases is new material, except high-profile releases, which are adaptations of N64 or GBA titles
    _Despite alleged difference in target audience, fact remains that both are portable gaming devices, irrespective of added functionalities (mooted as WiFi PDA for DS, affirmed as Personal Media Center for PSP), and -in fairness- pitched at same people.

    So there you have it. Arguing pros and cons of any console in light of this is IMHO pretty pointless at this stage, because there are still far too many greyed-out areas.
    Wait a year after the respective releases of both, and then an informed debate can take place.

    I’ve got 2 (Jap) DSs. I’d like a PSP very much, but am unsure as to region coding and networking. But then I’d like some killer apps for my DS as well.

    At the moment, there’s just far too little to recommend either of the platforms (insofar as a decision to choose either/or would have to be made), unless you’re an early adopter and just have to have it – in which case get both as (speculatively now), I’d expect gaming propositions to vary fairly dramatically between those 2 new animals.

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    “The PSP has hardwired region-coding, the DS has not”

    Is that true – I thought it was just for movies?

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    I asked a programmer:

    “There is no region coding on PSP”

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    Fine and good.

    I’ll still wait, being afflicted with a particularly virulent strain of paranoia :D ;)

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    Not to piss on anyones parade, but what about palm pilots? They are handheld they use a stylus….[/quote:51365b7348]

    I always used the term, “Handled console”, because I knew the PDA argument would come up. But a PDA’s stylus/touchscreen is primarily used for data input. Not as a tool of manipulation for games. ;)

    Nintendo are releasing the DS as a side product to the standard Gameboy product line. Hence the fact that is called the Nintendo DS, as opposed to the Nintendo Gameboy DS. They are releasing this as an innovative portable gaming device, and people cannot claim it isn’t innovative.
    I don’t even see it as a competitor to the PSP.
    When Nintendo unveil the next “Gameboy”(I think at E3 this year?), then I think we will see a device that will compete directly with the PSP. That is, a high performance media device.

    Of course, this is all conjecture on my part. :)

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    Hurrah – heres a true story:

    On friday me and a mate went to go to the pub, however all day his girlfriend (a non gamer) had been telling him “Oh wow the DS is great – someone in work got one”

    So before the pub we went and bought one + and warioware. cool, it was a laugh.

    Hes after telling me that they had to buy a second DS because SHE kept playing it. She loves it.

    Ivan applauds Nintendo on their non gamer success.

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    If a palm pilot has games and using the stylus to play, then you lose the arguement Noopt :)

    Having played both the DS and the PSP, i’m not overly impressed by either.
    The DS is a bit bulky, maybe its becase I’m used to my GBA:SP… And then there’s the fact you only actually hold it with one hand because the other has the stylus. I played Mario 64 and I thought the control was awful. Games like that require an analgoue stick. Warioware was quite good though.
    The PSP on the other hand is a lot less bulky, however it also feels a bit flimsy. The fact that it does have an alanogue stick doesn’t really help it because the stick it just really crap and the position of it doesn’t help and they are having lots of other reported problems with it.
    Fact remains the DS is out and the PSP won’t be for several months yet. I also wouldn’t judge either console on the current games catalogue. PSP dev kits weren’t available very early so it was easier to do ports of existing games than new ones. I’m sure it was the same case with the DS. Now than developers have the kits, they can get used to them and make more interesting games for both platforms.

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    my two cents.

    under the definitions given earlier the psp could also qualify.

    because technically to the best of my knowledge there has never been a games device which uses UMD. i.e. “innovation”.

    As for the psp. Its not region locked in relation to games but is in relation to umd movies.

    Same region locking is being used as dvd movies(region 1,2 etc).

    As for future region coding, this is only possible if the hardware\software is in the psp from day 1 (if so they would be using it now :)) This chip\software to decrypt the games region on the fly, which is done for dvd movies.

    Typically, being a chip, because software in these devices would be too slow, when you consider all the stuff the game needs to do.

    Also in my view they will not make it region coded in the future because DS isnt and sony will not want to limit their market. I think alot of pirated\imported ps2 games etc would have been reduced if the games had world wide release, which i think is coming soon. (metal gear acid and gt4 mobile are being release in states and japan the same day, similar case with future releases).

    Therefore region coding is pointless if the game is out in your country at the same time as everywhere else.

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    If a palm pilot has games and using the stylus to play, then you lose the arguement Noopt[/quote:ebe4c785ad]

    I haven’t come across a game for my palm that uses the stylus yet. Certainly not a FPS that uses it like mouse control, as in Metroid. Or to manipulate the camera as in Mario. I’m not claiming the touchscreen hardware itself is the innovation. Its the way it is being used, and the possibilties of its use for games, possibilities that just aren’t possible on current Palm PCs. Handheld games have never used the touchscreen/dual screen the way the DS is, and will be used….therefore it is an innovation. Whether a Palm game has used the stylus or not is irrelevant, it hasn’t used it in the same manner as Mario or Metroid.

    Plus, for some games you don’t even use the stylus. That game were you have to blow on the screen. Has that been done by a Palm PC before? No. Therefore, it is a totally new thing.

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    blow on the screen?

    whats it called fluff? :)

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    Its not this phone, but there are other versions of it (Beta release test phones I mean) They featured 2 or 3 touch games, on of them being a complete conversion of the old game

    Stuntcar racer. You use the stylus to control the car.

    I know that other PDA’s have released versions of FPS games, ala doom nothing over the top, but they still exist.

    Your preeching to the already converted I purchased my DS, not in the hope of it being a great innovation but because I know I will buy about 5 quality games that will entertain me while I travel. Ontop of that I have some great GBA games.

    When the PSP comes out I will see its title range and probably pick that up as well.

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    Dont bother maybe when the games improve. I was under the impression that the DS was Nintendo next step in the handheld market. Not some gimick to keep PSP at bay long enough for them to release their next gen Gameboy. Now I only realised this by reading the posts here, so I hope that those comments about the Next Gen GB are false.

    At the moment Im playing mario kart advanced on my DS. That said you can get the DS for 70 euro if you trade in, but I dont see it warranting that price. Its pretty large as well.

    “Nintendo are releasing the DS as a side product to the standard Gameboy product line. Hence the fact that is called the Nintendo DS, as opposed to the Nintendo Gameboy DS.”

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    But you can still play your SP games on your DS. If I were you, I would sell my SP and buy a DS. But thats me!

    One of the main reasons I go for the DS is that multiplayer Nintendo games are universally so much fun, and with wireless multiplayer the DS is perfect. Mario Kart will be awesome in multiplayer, and other games like Animal Crossing, and the various mini-games will be equally great in multiplayer.

    If I do buy a PSP it will be for the games, not for the movie playback, music or whatever. And right now I don’t see games that I would enjoy on a portable device. I see games I would rather buy for a home console.

    Edit: The DS isn’t a gimmick. But it also isn’t a Gameboy. It is a Nintendo DS. Its a differant type of device, designed for differant types of games.
    Just because there will be a new Gameboy doesn’t mean the DS is obsolete. What if the DS was released by a differant company? Would the fact that Nintendo then released a new Gameboy suddenly prevent you from buying it even if you liked some of the games for it?
    Nintendo see the DS, Gamecube and GBA as three seperate and distinct consoles.

    This is taken from the IGNDS letters archive:

    With all this DS and Revolution talk, no-one is talking about something else I know lot’s of us are rooting for. It’s the successor to the GBA. Don’t forget that the DS is the THIRD pillar Nintendo introduced to it’s gaming platforms. And since the Gamecube is soon to retire, how about the GBA? Has Nintendo disclosed anything about this? Are there any known plans at all? Or should we wait and see at E3 2005?

    Cris Konert

    Actually, Matt over on the IGN Cube channel sort of opened up that can of worms last week in his mailbag. See, since there’s really nothing interesting happening on that system until Zelda, he feels the need to encroach on my territory. The bastard.

    So, yes, there’s been talk of the next generation Game Boy, which shouldn’t be surprising considering that even when the Nintendo DS was revealed, Nintendo has always stood by the statement that the DS wasn’t the next Game Boy, and that work was continuing on the future of the Game Boy line. Matt seems to feel that the next Game Boy system, strongly hinted for an announcement at this year’s E3 show, will be a portable GameCube. My theory is a little closer to reality: it will most likely use GameCube technology, but it won’t play GameCube games. The graphics chipset and hardware, still pretty damn impressive, will, if we’ve been hearing the rumors correctly, be shrunk down and be made power conservative, which would certainly bring the Game Boy branding in line with what Sony’s pushing with the PSP.

    But why am I saying it won’t it play GameCube games? Well, first of all, games for the GameCube weren’t made with conservation in mind. Many titles constantly read the disc for data, and that motor would cause a severe drain on the power of the unit, something Sony’s frowning upon in the world of the PSP. Two is multiplayer: In Super Smash Bros. Melee, how do you get four systems to talk to each other wirelessly in a way that will “trick” the software into thinking it’s playing off one unit with four controllers? It may be technically possible knowing the hardware skills of Nintendo engineers, but I’d guess that they’d leave something like this out of the realm of possibility.

    But on the positive side, if Nintendo goes the way of using GameCube technology for its next system, much of what developers have created engine-wise can potentially be moved to the handheld with very little cost. And the GameCube has already proven itself worthy enough to emulate hardware as powerful as a Nintendo 64 (think Ocarina of Time) which makes it a bit more feasible for Nintendo to revive existing properties on the Game Boy “Evolution” (or whatever they’re going to call it) for low cost game software. And, of course, it enables Nintendo to re-issue existing GameCube games as upgraded “remixes,” much like what the company has already done with Super NES titles on the Game Boy Advance.

    Yes, this is the more likely of the two scenarios.

    — Craig

  • #18654


    But trading in the SP for a DS loses the nice compact machine and goes bulky.
    Also if I had a bog standard silver SP that might be worth doing, but I’m not trading in my sexy pokemon sapphire SP for a bog standard silver DS.

  • #18655


    The size is a big issue when comparing the DS to the SP, true. I suppose its just down to how much you want the DS, or if you can afford to keep the SP and get the DS also.

    The size isn’t much of an issue for me personally. I will simply use my DS on the commute to work mainly, so I will keep it in my bag and take it out when I’m on the bus. But I can see where you are coming from…..

  • #18659


    It wouldnt have stopped me from buying it but it sure as hell would have made me think harder about my purchase.

    Its alot of money for a portable device. Now that nintendo are going to release another I just hope that good titles will come my way. I bleive I still would have choosen the DS as it would allow more my style games. I just want them to be released soon so as to warrant my purchase more. But once I go state side, I will be sure as heck stocking up on games.

  • #18661


    Agreed Ronan, the DS for me offers differant style games to what the PSP and the future Gameboy will offer.
    I don’t think the release of the new Gameboy will stunt releases on the DS as they will both have differant types of games.

  • #18667


    The size isn’t much of an issue for me personally. I will simply use my DS on the commute to work mainly, so I will keep it in my bag and take it out when I’m on the bus. But I can see where you are coming from…..[/quote:58a8c93f2d]
    For me the size issue isn’t about storage. Because I currently don’t have a need to travel much, thats not my issue. The SP just sits so snugly between your palms, DS is a lot bulkier and one handed.

    Also, if you use it while comuting, it that on a public transport ? How does it fair using the stylus on a bumpy public transport journey???

  • #18671


    i could imagine some occassions where it would be very difficult to use the stylus. On any CIE train or bus eireann bus.

  • #18674


    For games like Metroid, where the stylus is essential it would be a right pain in the arse.
    It can be a pain in the arse for me just browsing the net on my PDA on the bus.

  • #18677


    It can be a pain in the arse for me just browsing the net on my PDA on the bus. [/quote:1fa92adb46]

    expensive too i’d imagine.

  • #18678


    Not if you download the content while syncing to your PC and then view it offline. Ah, sweet AvantGO software……

  • #18679


    ah good solution.
    handy downloading the old irish times

  • #18680


    It can be a pain in the arse for me just browsing the net on my PDA on the bus. [/quote:1a85f9bcba]

    Don’t bring it on the 39 mate, not only will you disembark without it, you’ll end up having to get off at Blanchardstown hospital!!

  • #18684


    Thanks for the tip! ;)

  • #18705

  • #18707


    At least you know your place….. ;)

  • #18710


    got heard from the importer gt4 mobile is delayed now until autumn. hope this doesnt happen alot with psp games, replaced it with ridge racer, which is meant to be very good indeed according to reviews.

  • #18711


    You never see Nintendo delaying their games……

    I’ll get me coat….

  • #18734


    How’s it going? Just thought I’d add my thoughts as well..
    I’ve had my DS for about a month now – was one of the Nintendo VIP ones (sweet) – and I must say that it is an awesome machine.

    I’m not too sure about the rest of you but don’t you want your handheld to do something that your consoles cannot? I think that’s exactly why the DS makes a fantastic console.

    Mario 64, albeit an eight year old game still is really enjoyable and genuinely has some great gameplay and replay value. As for differring greatly from what the home consoles do.. well, that’s another matter.

    But I’ve just bought Wario and Polarium a few days back and they’re are something you can’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately Wario has been finished since. Polarium in particular is rock-hard, with some mind-melting puzzles and the interface is so intuitive too. Has that Tetris feel of “oh, one more go, i’m sure i can do better next time..”
    …and speaking of Tetris – touch screen controls would be quite cool for that game.

    Though, when it comes down to it the kind of games I’m personally looking forward to most are what have been dubbed the ‘non-game games’ – Electroplankton, being one of them, is on my must import list sitting alongside Mario Kart as it’s an hynotic experience only to be found on DS. If any of you have seen the videos of Electroplankton would you care to comment on what you think about it?

    And lastly to clear up Omega’s earlier comment regarding Metroid being a port it has to be said that it’s not; but is indeed a completely new adventure.

  • #18735


    Am expecting Puyo Puyo & Meteos from Lik Sang anyday now.

    Puyo Puyo is nothing new, but then SPF2Turbo is one of our (my wife and I) all-time faves, along with MK, and it’s a reasonably close approximation – especially as SPF DS has been announced (I believe) – Yay!

  • #18738


    i got myself a vip DS too, and I am very impressed with it. Although the controls of Mario take a bit of getting used to, they definitely work, although can annoy at times.

    I just picked up Polarium, and I love it! I can see how it might turn people off, as the challenge is difficult when you first start..but now i amaze even myself with my line drawing skillz.

    I must say that the launch line up was very weak. I can honestly say that there were no games, other than Wario Ware, that i really really wanted.

    I’ve watched a few videos of electro plankton, and it looks very funky..but can you honestly see it taking off over here though? Doesn’t look like a European friendly game to me..

  • #18747


    You never see Nintendo delaying their games……

    I’ll get me coat…. [/quote:0a337de9be]

    I hope thats sarcasm…

  • #18748


    No. Its not sarcasm. I truly do believe that Nintendo never delay their games releases. Truly, I do believe that. Seriously.

  • #18749


    Now thats sarcasm folks!

  • #18756


    Its really hard to tell when he’s being sarcastic… (-_~)

  • #18758


    News just in!

    Well, well, well. Looks like Ninty have got it right this time.

    Here are the sales figures for the DS across the world (units sold in first week only)

    America- 500,000 (1 week)
    Japan- 500,000 (4 days)
    Europe- 600,000 (3 days)

    There was 650,000 units available on launch. This has shocked Nintendo and is maybe an indication that europe may recieve alot of attention, ie. more games coming this way etc. This makes it the fastest selling console ever in Europe. This can only mean good things. :)

    Lets see Sony match that :P

  • #18759


    Well, well, well. Looks like Ninty have got it right this time.

    Well… not quite, since we were the last region in which they released the DS and, judging from your figures, they could have doubled that if they’d release worldwide at the same time – but that’s (obviously) not taking harware production thresholds into consideration, on my part.

    Also, I’d expect Ninty fanboyism to be much more hardcore in Europe (would have to be considering how they’ve catered for the market for these past few years :D) so this may have had a not-so-inconsiderable effect on sales figures – e.g. more percentage of total potential sales realised quicker in Europe than US or JP. Pure conjecture, I know.

    Still, as you say, things might finally start to change after this, in respect of Europe… particularly given the region-free characteristic of the DS (this is the topic about which I’m most looking forward to observe what Sony does about ;) ).

    I was just having a quick glance at the comments posted at EDGE online in respect of the DS launch – interesting how the PSP & DS devices are starting to entranch in consumers’ minds as portable PS2 & quirky & possibly better gameplay device, respectively.

  • #18798


    “No luck if you want to play a US movie on a Japanese PSP”


  • #18800


    “No luck if you want to play a US movie on a Japanese PSP”

    http://www.gameinformer.com/News/Story/200503/N05.0316.1331.47377.htm [/quote:8952d62859]

    yeah this had been known for a while. Sony announced this at jap release time that usa,europe and jap would be regionised like dvd only in relation to umd movies. Games would remain region free.

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