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    hi all.

    try this wee game screenshot quiz. ive got 33 so far cant get the ohthers. give it a go, see how you get on


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    I Got all 40 with a little help from google. I really need to get a life.

    they put up a second one aswell: http://quiz-em-all.com/quizzes/3-computer-game-quiz-2/

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    Well, I got 29 from the first go, no errors. The others I can’t tell.
    I thought 10 was Darklands, or possibly Pirates!, but no.
    38 I know for a fact is a Bomberman clone, I am almost convinced this is the clone I played… yet I cannot remember the name for the life of me :(
    The rest I simply have never played, so meh :P

    Funny quizz, though :)

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    yay 32 on the first attempt ! dont have a clue what the others are though.

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    the original name for bomberman was Dyna Blaster.

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    i’ve got Bomberman for the SNES complete with the 4-player control pad thingy, so if you guys have a TV in your office, I might just call round and show ya’s how Dyna-Blaster / Bomberman is played!!!

    Nothing better than pinning someone in against a wall with 3 bombs either side…HAHAHA….sweet memories…

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    I got 37 in the first one before I gave up…

    #23, #27 and #36 got me.

    I’m SURE I recognise #36 though… :?

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    #23 Majorly successful rts, couple of expansions for it, and 1st person game based on one of the troop types. Very cold developer.

    #27 Lucasarts adventure, main characters name AND THE enemies name. 1st name character from “saved by the bell” kids show. 2nd name…well if his 1st name was philip his overall name would be quite rude. enemies name like a popular recent party game (not computer game)

    #36 turn based strategy game. recent sequel/remake with your worst enemy tagged on the end of the name

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    Hrm, that was meant to be #26, not #23…

    I googled #27 and had NEVER heard of it…ever…

    #36, nope…still can’t think.. :?

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    #26, you ain’t gonna get it: “magic user” of “alt spelling of the word for a series of battles”

    #36, “you fix eyes with one of these sometimes” “also known as a section, military term”

    did you get 27?

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    Yep got #27 but like I said, I’d never heard of it before…

    “you fix eyes with one of these sometimes” …my finger? :D

    I’ll think about it some more so…

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    “you fix eyes with one of these sometimes” …my finger?[/quote:57a9c627ff]

    I hope to god you have good medical insurance….

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    My years of playing Operation mean I don’t need any… :D

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