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    Hi there,

    Do you know of any good 3D modelling tutorials that would be useful for game style / low to medium modelling?

    BTW not sites with tutorials, but individual tutorials, that have really helped explain to you a certain technique ( mainly box modelling of vehicles, characters, and especially environments ).

    I’ve been trawling a few sites, and it’s really difficult to find good ones.


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    we used buzz vedio tutiorals, they where great, but i think you have to buy them.

    i use the tut on creating an alien model as a base to making my first (and only) model

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    3D Buzz definitely have some cool tuts.

    I’m thinking more of free online tutorials… it’s for a tutorial links section in the forum I’m putting together for the educational app, so that student 3D modellers using various 3D packages can quickly check them out and get an idea of the basic techniques they’ll need etc.


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    Not sure Mal, I pretty much us Buzz for everything.
    The videos are nearly all free, but you need to be an active member of the community ie: post a lot in their forums.

    I don’t really use web tutorials that much anymore, if I ever need to find one I just do a search in Google and hope it turns up.

    Edit: Also, for advanced modeling techniques like box modeling cars, characters etc it can be very hard to get to grips with it using a tutorial, unless its extremely well made.
    But the best tutorials for these types of techniques are on 3dtotal.com

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    You can get a free copy of Gmax here with tutorials
    Its good plus its basically a cut down version of 3dsmax an industry standard tool.
    Maya have a similar package
    Hope that helps!

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    Yup the most frequented are

    and if you’re looking for car modelling resources (and I expect you ARE Mal!) you could do worse than check out the blueprints section of Thomas Suurlands website, there are all manner of bluebrints there to work from and possible some car modelling tuts too

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