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    Hi there,

    If you are a student and would like to make some money coding for an open-source project ( eg http://www.blender.org, the open-source 3D modeller, with a built in Games Engine! ), check out…


    Last year, about 7 students got to code a SOC project for Blender, so it would be a good choice of project.

    Here are a few that you might want to do, to keep with both games and Blender…

    – Re-instate the Web 3D plugin ( this hasn’t been working since the code went opensource, and parts were pulled out of it )

    – Implement various fixes to the games engine ( including more enhanced Logic Brick actuators ) and to Blender for the GE ( including WYSIWYG in Blender, it has slightly went out of synch )

    – Implement some higher level AI functionality for the GE.

    That’s just a few that I can think of at the mo ;)


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    Quick update… you have until the 8th to submit something, if you want to code on the openSource 3D Blender project.


    If you want to hone your coding skills over the summer, get some dollars, and also get something to put on your CV, this would be a great opportunity.

    Don’t forget that Blender has a game engine, so get on to the forums and ask what people would want added to the engine.


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