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      Hi All, for some reason I get access denied for GameDevelopers in work, so I reckon some of the summer workers one such member in particular must have lived on the boards because they still havnt released the ban…

      Anyway for all those unaware. I’ve been working on an indie project for a substantial amount of time. Its a huge effort and the team consists of about 30 regular team members putting in huge hours each week as well as over 40+ non core, contractors, trial members and whatever else you have.

      We have released our HL2 mod, and will be releasing the BF2 version in the new year (Great PR stunt that really genereated a huge buzz about the game)

      We will be releasing the Game in the New year, not sure when to be exact. It features over 160×160 km of terrain, uses the Reality Engine, Speedtree and alot of other middleware tech.

      http://www.1944game.com (bit outdated at this point but a new site over the christmas)

      We have a huge community going at this point and working hard towards a release in the new year.

      The Article:

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      Hugely ambitous but sounds ace, well done on the mention :)

      I look forward to having a blast

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      It’s great to see another imminent game release by an Irish core team, using a non-traditional delivery mechanism… I’m thrilled to see that it’s working a treat for you!


Viewing 2 reply threads
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