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      Just wondering what is the likelyhood of receiving government funding for a games company in Ireland.

      I know at the moment, Peter Molyneux is heading a campaign to try get some reasonable funding for games companies within the UK, where there is a recognised games industry.
      If this is the case in the UK, with no gaming base in Ireland, would reasonable funding be made available to companies??


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      Enterprise Ireland has responsibility for the development of indigenous industry and provides support for start-up companies in all sectors, including the games sector, where there is a credible business plan and the potential in due course to establish a company of realistic scale and export potential.

      There is a great deal of information on the EI website at http://www.enterprise-ireland.com, including information on the support programmes and incentives available.

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      Aphra K

      Hi all,

      Thanks Michael for your posting re EI in this area – it is great to see people from EI active on this forum.

      For your information Gamedevelopers.ie will be posting articles on ‘Setting up a company’ in the Resources section of this website. See http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/resources/

      In the first article posted we looked at some of the agencies you should be talking to in the Republic and in Northern Ireland with regard to starting up or expanding a company in the digital games field. These articles will be expanded and developed as we receive more information.

      We also hope to conduct interviews with companies who have tried to establish game companies in Ireland.

      watch this space,


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      Jamie Mc

      Heya Aphra and guys,

      Do you want me to look into trying to contact one of the companies who either previously were in Ireland like Funcom, or else companies which started up but failed? Surely having the other side of the coin as to why exactly they couldn’t make it, and criticisms and the like might be benefitial for everyone who does want to set up a company?


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      Aphra K

      Hi everyone.

      Jamie in response yes I think it would be useful to talk to some companies who have been here but are no longer.

      Gremlin for example were here but I don’t know much about what they got up to.

      Pixelmagic is another one who developed one game – and there are still some people around who were involved in that.

      Taintech are dormant and at least one of the main people is still with us to talk to.

      Funcom would be interesting as I interviewed them just before they closed down in 2001. Most of their development is now done in Norway.

      I have also been talking to someone here in DCU who was involved in an interesting mobile project which unfortunately did not see the light of day.

      Anyone got any other names of companies or people who have tried it before and have advice to offer.


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