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    Was gonna make this an off-topic in the Summer Interships thread, but decided against it.

    What’s the situation like for graduate programmers and the games industry at the moment? I remember Aphra talking about how our courses don’t really chrun out graduates with the skills that games companies want…but I still want to ask. :)

    I should be finished in June, God willing, and just considering various options – job wise/study wise/etc.

    What are the skills/languages that are most in demand?

    Java is my main language, through CompApp (DCU), Python is probably my second (self taught – using it for my final year project), some Assembly, a little C/C++.

    I’m really not sure what I want to do. I don’t know what sorta options I have in any direction yet… and I really should be asleep, so I can get actual work done on my project tomorrow. *posts and scrams* :p

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    If you want to work on phone games then java is what you’ll mainly require.
    If you want to work on PC or console stuff, you’ll need to know C/C++. It would be very advantageous to have used a scripting language and knowledge of assembly is useful.

    There are lots of grad positions in games if you’re willing to go abroad. I went though an agency and didn’t have any problem with finding positions in the uk.

    I came through CompApp too, but i went to abertay for a year and did a PgDip in games to make life easier, plus doing Dare made it even easier still.
    If you’ve done projects that have been game based that’ll stand you in good stead anyway.

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    Oh I didnt know you went to Abertay omen! :) Thats what I plan to do aswell, I’m assuming you reccomend it given your current position?

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    yeah, I’m sure the course is a lot better now than when i was there due to there being ps2’s and several years of student feedback, so yeah.
    Taking part, and winning if you can, in Dare is probably much higher on the beneifical side of things than doing the course, however, the course does give you good grounding in taking part in Dare :)

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    So by that I’m guessing you entered Dare while in Abertay? :confused:

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    We won Dare while in Abertay :)

    Think some of the lecturing staff has changed on the course since I was there too, have seen them advertising several games lecturing jobs over the past couple of years.

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    Pardon me…meant to say won! :)

    Ah that may be a better idea then rather than taking on Dare while in 4th year…

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