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    More lovely pics of the Lost Coast addon for HL2 including that lovely High Dynamic Range lighting (HDR)..


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    Looks lovely, HDR would be a great addition to an engine as long as you don’t then get bought up by epic :)

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    HDR isnt something that can be bought by anyone its just a new technology like anti-aliasing, ironicallyhaving the same hit on preformance that AA had when it first came out on the first gen GPUs…

    Watch the Unreal 3 video from the EA and count the number of times he uses the term High Dynamic Range / HDR Lighting…same with the rest of the vids, its this years new buzzword! :lol:

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    Sorry, yeah I know bout the HDR, being doing some work with it, wot I meant was the integration of it may have been a threat to epic hence the buy out

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    Actually that sounds a bit antagonistic, not mean’t to be sorry :)

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